Thoughtful Thursday: Professional Restaurant Critics Versus Amateurs

Thoughtful Thursday

I’ve partially opined on this before, so some of this will seem very familiar.

My family and I like to eat out as much as the next family.  I use eating out opportunities for seeing what recipes I need to find recipes for or recreate at home.

I’ve learned that the sensibilities and sentiments displayed on Yelp! tend to mirror my own opinions.  Recently, we made a trip to our local Ryan’s buffet for breakfast, and the experience was atrocious (as in, I demanded my money back atrocious).  I took to Yelp and discovered that most of the opinions reflected my own (and the ones that didn’t were 3+years old).

Now, I have little time or patience for restaurant critics (the pros).  They tend to be more full of themselves than the food they are supposed to be purporting to enjoy.  I also have little patience for restaurant owners and chefs who prefer that their paying patrons not use Yelp! or the like.  Note:  if you are that self-conscious about the quality of the dishes you are setting before your patrons, then maybe you are the one with the issues, not the patrons using Yelp!

But back to the restaurant critics.  For some reason, and I know this is a horrible stereotype, I keep picturing the restaurant critic in Ratatouille, before he discovered Linguini and Remy’s ratatouille.  Supercilious and picky should not be the hallmarks of a restaurant critic.

But the chefs and restaurant owners are quick to point out that their patrons’ tastes are not sophisticated enough to judge their food (but they are sophisticated enough to overpay for your food?).  To me, that means that these chefs and restaurant owners don’t want my (or anyone else’s) money.  That they want to be out of business due to lack of business.  They forget that it is not the restaurant critics that keep them in business; it is the unsophisticated patrons that do.

Now, excuse me while I go search out a great place on Yelp!


What do you think?

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