Funny Muffin Friday: Muffin’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Present


All through Valentine “advent,” Muffin begged for a toy.  If you remember back to Wednesday’s post, I ended up putting two (now long forgotten Hot Wheels) in the box with his helmet and jersey.

The picture above is of Muffin’s jersey and helmet.  He still wants to wear it everywhere.  The store.  The car.  Ev-ree-where.

On our failed excursion to Ryan’s steakhouse/buffet, Muffin had to explain to the hostess/cashier about his helmet and “shirt” that he received for Valentine’s Day.

He now desperately wants to play football.

We have reached that ultra scary stage where he wants to throw the football in the house (luckily it is his much-smaller toy football rather than the one he received for Christmas…but still).

Help.  Me.  Please!


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