Thoughtful Thursday: Thanks for Destroying a Goal of Mine, Y’all!

Thoughtful Thursday

I’m going to make some enemies with this post today, and I’m kind of okay with that.

I would like to begin by saying that I don’t know everything about blogging, definitely not by a long shot.  And sometimes…I know I can be a bit abrasive about topics that I’m passionate about…in an “it’s my way or the highway” type of thing.  But…

Remember when I mentioned that if I met my blogging goals for the year (as my resolution) that I would consider upgrading the blog?  One of the reasons for that is that I wanted to join BlogHer (especially BlogHer Food).  You can’t really do that with a free WordPress blog.  No, they are a bit too exclusive for that (plus they want it to be easy for you to advertise their sponsors’ products on your blog).

I’m worried I may already sound a bit too cynical.

In the back of my mind, I would love to eventually monetize, etc.  But I blog for my peace of mind.  And to keep a record of what we do and eat.  And give props to those bloggers who ARE so welcoming and who have such yummy recipes.

So, on Monday, I Swagsearched BlogHer Food.

Big.  Mistake.

I found a post entitled something like “20 Things We Hope Go Away in Blogging in 2015.”  Being a still very un-expert blogger, I figured I might want to make sure that I don’t commit any of these heinous crimes.

I read them.  Then, I read them again.  And then (and this is where the horror movie music plays…you know…the menacing music that swells when the too-stupid-to-live teenager opens the door to the knife-wielding maniac on the screen…and you are like…come on…really?…no one is that stupid…yes…I was) I read the comments.

I know.  I should never read comments on a post that I have strong feelings about one way or another.

Now, to be fair, most of the bloggers whose blogs wear the badge “BlogHer Food” seem absolutely lovely.  That’s why I wanted to be part of that…well…let’s call it a sorority.  As a still-feeling-my-legs blogger, I desperately wanted to be part of that sisterhood and have that feel of belonging.  A psychoanalyst would probably say that it’s my repressed unpopular teen wanting to be accepted again.

For a second, I forgot that sororities are often catty.  Jealous.  Snarky.  (I know I’ve written some snarky posts, but those comments made my inner Libra scream with the injustice of it all.)  Just plain, as my mother and grandmother (and now I hear myself saying to Muffin) UGLY.  The ugly-on-the-inside ugly.

That’s what I saw in some of the comments.  With their thinly veiled “throwing hints” (as my students say).  Because, even being a newbie, I can point out who a lot of those arrows were directed at.  It’s the easy target.

I must ask myself why I’m writing a second post having to defend a fellow blogger.  Oh wait, it’s because people “bein’ ugly and throwin’ hints.”

I did a double check on this because I was pretty sure…but not quite…so I double checked this.  The Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond) is a member of BlogHer.  In fact, I’m going to step on a lot of toes and probably make a lot of people angry when I say this, but I doubt there would be much to BlogHer if she hadn’t first begun to blog.  Sorry.  It had to be said.  If anyone can deny (with any credibility) the impact that she has made on blogging in general (and on mommy blogging and food blogging in particular), then I will be truly amazed.  No.  My southern-ness will be well and truly floored.

Yes.  I am a fan.  No, I’ve never met her personally; I don’t know what she’s like in person.  She could be (but I doubt this) the meanest, fakest person on the planet, but she’s still probably the most influential female blogger of this (and last) decade.

Does that mean I value other bloggers less?  No.

But, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned this before, I’m really tired of the hatin’.

I can’t wait to see what fellow bloggers will try to blame her for (erroneously) next.  Oh, wait, I can.  Because I’m tired of it.

BlogHer Food:  You want to know what I’m over with?  Bloggers being mean to other bloggers.  That’s what I’m tired of.

Let’s see.  If I read the comments correctly, she is single-handedly responsible for the price of Mason jars going up.  Because she likes to drink out of them.  And mix salad dressing in them.  Horrors!  She likes to, as Alton Brown is so fond of saying, make them multi-taskers.

Um.  I drink out of Mason jars.

Also, (and this is her trademark) people shouldn’t put lots of pics in posts of the step-by-step process of cooking.

Um.  It’s kinda what she’s known for.  It’s kinda what made her famous.  And…oh…by the way…made food blogging famous.  Just sayin’.

And it seems that the anti-food-porn individuals have reared their ugly minds again.  It’s bad to call brownies “slutty.”  Or to refer to a food as crack—— (insert name of food).

I guess posts are supposed to be boring.  And empty of photographs.  And devoid of color (Colorful food…especially desserts is a no-no).

And please let me address #20.  #20 is one that actually makes sense…unless you are a hater and turn it into more of your haterade…refusing to give credit when borrowing a recipe.  That is one thing I try desperately to do.  Even if the recipe resembles (very little) the previous source.  If I haven’t cited your recipe properly, please let me know so that I can correct that.

However…this is often used as a snipe at Ree Drummond, as well.  To me, recipes that are so well-known as to be public domain (Rotel queso dip, Bisquick sausage cheese balls, 7-Up Biscuits, buttermilk biscuits, Texas sheet cake, etc….Trust me…there are many many more) don’t need to be cited.  Now, I will usually give a bit of back story, such as the first time I ever had 7-Up Biscuits was with my brother-in-law’s mother’s recipe.  But, do you really need to sift through several blogs and attribute credit to all?

While we are on the subject of crediting things, I’m sure that many of these “bloggers” (I can’t seem to find their blogs by clicking on them to pass judgment myself) have mentioned the concept of a staycation.  Unless they mention Brent Butt’s name and the show Corner Gas (paying homage where it is most certainly due), they are guilty of copyright infringement, as well.

I should note that Plain Chicken (another excellent blog) seemed to have arrows pointed at it, too, with the “crack” comment.  Sorry, but I do believe the appellation is much more descriptive than “addictive.”  Much more of a “need” connotation.

Sorry again for the rant.  Feel free to comment.

What do you think?

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