Tip Tuesday: Purge and Reorganize Your Bookmarks

Tip Tuesday

Recently, my computer had a huge case of the hiccups.  Yup.  Lappy the Top became ill…and then I became ill…there’s something prophetic there.

I had a brief moment of panic after Josh fixed Lappy that I had lost all of my Google Bookmarks, even though Google promised me it wasn’t the case.  It took restarting the computer after I logged in to my Google account for them to reappear.

Success!  And then I walked through them.  Well, slogged down in the boggy morass of my bookmarks.  They are nowhere near organized.  Items in folders are not as advertised.  It is a mess.

So, here is what I’m going to try to do in the next few months:

  1.  Make a folder of must-check blogs for each day/week.

  2.  Have a folder for different website’s links (different blogs’ recipes, for example)

  3.  Remove duplicates!  (I’ve already started deleting the ones that I seem to have double added at times.)

After all, bookmarks are meant to be used.  Disorganized bookmarks cannot be used.

That is my goal.

Who wants to join me?


What do you think?

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