Cent Saving Saturday: The Valentine’s Edition

Cent Saving Saturday

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me just say how ready I am to shop the post-Valentine’s Day clearance for all things red, pink, and purple.

But…I am not all hearts and flowers about the fact that no one locally has strawberries for under $2 a pound.

It’s Valentine’s Day…and I’m supposed to be dipping cheap strawberries today.  Remember this pic from last year?

I definitely didn’t pay over $2 a pound for those strawberries!

But…I guess I better share what sales there are…


Hungry Man entrees $1.97 wyb 6

Capri Sun, 10 ct. box, $1.48 wyb 6

asparagrus $1.49 lb.

Skinner pasta 19 cents a package wyb 6

Kroger cheese, 1 lb. $2.99


strawberries, 2 lb. package, $4.49 (Thursday-Sunday)

boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.98/lb.

Fuji apples 88 cents/lb.

Red Gold ketchup 24 ounce, 88 cents

Fanta/Barq’s 2 L 88 cents

Kraft salad dressing 8 ounce 88 cents (limit 4)

Bar-S franks 78 cents (limit 4)

Brookshire’s and Super 1 didn’t have much to recommend this week, either.


What do you think?

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