Funny Muffin Friday: How Muffin Takes Care of Me When I’m Sick

Funny Muffin Friday

Earlier this week (and a good portion of last week…but this week it really came to a head), I was sick.  Sick!  As in…unable to go to work sick.  As in…if I had tried…I wouldn’t have made it to work without visual evidence of severe gastrointestinal distress.

And, once I realized it wasn’t food poisoning…or going to go away in a few hours…I tried not to spread the contagion to Muffin.  In fact, I banned Muffin from my bathroom in case he could get sick from that.

But Muffin decided he needed to make me feel better by snuggling.  And it helped…a lot.

I love my sweet boy so very much!



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