We Plan Wednesday: A Valentine’s Day Update

We Plan Wednesday

Now that February is here, I figured an update was in order for the Valentine’s gift a day in February.  Muffin is loving it!  On February 1, he received his first gift of the three Lucky Charms cereal bars.  He ate two of them for breakfast.  He was most impressed with his Pop Rocks.  Muffin sweetly wanted to give me a valentine each day.

Josh, I think, was perturbed.  Not angry per se, but perturbed.  His response was that he didn’t realize that we were exchanging gifts with the beginning of the month on.  Which was true, in so many words.  I didn’t intend him to; I wanted to do this for the men in my life as a special surprise.

I did decide against the warm fluffy blankets.  I found some Extra gum on clearance at Target; I plan to use that with the catch-slogan “I chews you to be my valentine!”

How are your Valentine’s Day plans shaping up?

What do you think?

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