Tip Tuesday: The Fun of Epsom Salts

Tip Tuesday

Epsom salts a.k.a. magnesium sulfate is an ingredient in my natural beauty cupboard.  Of course, you already know about how I like to use them for Peppermint Bath Snow as a gift or a special treat for myself.

I recently developed an ingrown nail, quite painful really.  I Swag-searched how to cure an ingrown nail.  Several sources recommended soaking the inflamed nail bed in Epsom salts diluted in warm water.

To date, that has been the only thing to offer relief, for longer periods each time I soak it.

Today I hope to share with you another natural beauty receipt.  If you are prone to dry, sensitive skin (especially during these winter months), soothe inflamed, scaly skin with a Milk Bath.  The mixture can be made with two ingredients or as many as four, providing for extra moisturizing and scent.

Milk Bath

1 cup dry milk powder (NOT coffee creamer…You want the real thing for this!)

1 cup Epsom salts

several drops essential oil or fragrance oil, optional (for scented)

1 teaspoon-1 tablespoon sweet almond oil, optional (for extra moisturizing properties)

If using the sweet almond oil, drizzle it over the Epsom salts in a bowl.  Stir and press the oil into the salts until the mixture is uniform throughout.  If using fragrance oil, stir it in at this time, as well, until sufficiently scented.  Mix in milk powder.  Stir until uniform.

To use:  Add 1/3-1/2 cup of the mixture to running bath water.  Swirl to mix with fingers.  Soak, repeating as needed, until skin is soft and moisturized.

I hope you enjoy this mixture as much as I have.  As with the peppermint bath snow, this makes a great gift, especially in light of Valentine’s Day being right around the corner.


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