Meal Plan Monday: How Many Things Can You Make With Chili, Anyway?

Meal Plan Monday

In relation to the title:  besides the dreaded chili mac, of course.  That is one dish that was probably perfectly prepared, but neither Josh nor I can stand it, so I literally dumped the pan in the garbage (or at least the contents) rather than eating it.

This week I’m really stretching one pot of chili.  (Keep in mind, this was the last week’s meal plan I wrote when I lost my meal planning mojo.)


That is always our “first round” serving.  Chili as the contents of a bowl with sour cream, cheese, ketchup, and other accompaniments.  We also like crackers and chips with this.

Saturday:  hamburgers (made with ground chuck, onion soup mix, and egg), chips

Sunday:  chicken nuggets, chips, carrot sticks and ranch dressing

Monday:  chili with accompaniments

Tuesday:  frito pies (chili part 2)

Wednesday:  chili-topped taters

Thursday:  chili dogs

Friday:  I’m working a basketball game, and so this will be the forage while you can night for Josh and Muffin.  I’m planning on baking an extra tater so that I can do chili-topped taters.  I’m going to recommend they do nachos with chili or something.

Saturday:  parade eats (sandwiches or fried chicken)

Sunday:  root beer pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw, veg sticks, chips

As always, I hope to link up with OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

What are your favorite ways to eat chili?


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