Funny Muffin Friday: The Green Walmart

Funny Muffin Friday

I may have mentioned before that Muffin’s favorite color is green.  He requests green straws in his cups.  He will choose green things before any other color.  He eats green things (and will try them because they are green).

Recently, the first Walmart Neighborhood Market opened in our area (Well…there was one half an hour away in Texas, but this one meant that we wouldn’t have to drive down the scary busy street to get there).  If you are unfamiliar with Neighborhood Markets, their predominant color is green (as Target’s is red, regular Walmart’s is blue).

Green carts.  Green maps.  Green stuff all over the place.  Green water bottles handed out at the opening filled with green stuff.

And it’s opened 24 hours.

The green Walmart might be Muffin’s new favorite place.  He followed the building of it almost as closely as he did the building of the new Circle K on the corner…a very big deal in the mind and eyes of a four year old.

Ever since it opened, anytime I mention Walmart, I hear, “Are we going to the green Walmart?!”


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