Thoughtful Thursday: Being a Pedestrian

Thoughtful Thursday

Disclaimer:  I do apologize.  Originally I had intended today’s post to be more of an upbeat thoughtful post, but I fear today’s post will turn into a rant.  If you are one of the individuals I describe, for your own safety, stop doing this.  I do not apologize for my thoughts and feelings in this matter.

I leave the house at O-dark-thirty (actually 5:45 with Muffin on days that I drive).  I have been known to hit trucks parked on the side of the road in our neighborhood.  Now, for individuals who know where I live, I did NOT select with Josh our home’s location based on the school district.  People tend to get a bit offended when I say that; I don’t know why.

One of the things that caused me to select the neighborhood (and was a huge selling point for Josh, as well) were the abundance of sidewalks! Now, for those individuals not familiar with sidewalks (I don’t mean this as condescension; I mean it sarcastically), that’s where people are supposed to walk and run.  Where people are supposed to walk their dogs.  Where children are supposed to skateboard, bike, scooter, skate, and walk.

Does anyone not yet know where I’m going with this post?

Since our neighborhood has sidewalks, it is a bit disconcerting (and fury-inducing) to see individuals perkily flouncing (I guess they would call this their morning? run) down the ROAD…you know…the space for driving.  Now, I can understand seeing that in my carpool-buddy’s neighborhood where there are no sidewalks.  I can understand it in other neighborhoods where the sidewalks may not be quite so new and may be breaking up.

I do not understand it when I paid to have sidewalk (as did all the rest of the residents) in my neighborhood.

Yes, I realize that pedestrians have the right-of-way.  I appreciate that and applaud it in places where there are no sidewalks (in the aforementioned locations) and especially in parking lots (where people tend to forget that fact).

I believe an ordinance (or even a federal law) needs to be passed, however, stating that if you wish to be a pedestrian on the street (rather than using the sidewalk in a place where there is a sidewalk) that you no longer have the right of way and in fact are taking your life into your own hands.  That you, as (in theory) a sentient being, are aware of this and take full responsibility when, on a foggy (still nighttime), dark morning, you become roadkill because someone didn’t see you (and were thinking that anyone with even a tenth of a mind would–if they were stupidly running in the dark–surely take the sidewalk that is nice…and smooth…and new…and not on the road where cars drive).

Now, according to my dad, in his neighborhood people walk the streets (in fact, let’s call it that, with all of the negative connotations it implies) because the sidewalks are beneath overhanging trees where spiders build their webs down to the ground.  Thus, you run the risk of walking into spider webs.  For those (again, considering that my parents live on a residential street that is a cross street between the city’s two main state highways and leads to a Walmart) STUPID individuals I would recommend that you wait until later in the day in order to see the spiderwebs in the way…join a gym…or…for those who cannot afford a gym, walk around your house the appropriate number of steps.  I would love to be your life insurance agent if you continue to walk the streets (especially that street where people are known to race through stop signs and go fifty to sixty miles above the posted 25 mph limit…yes…seventy-five to eighty-five).  I could probably retire on your premium alone because…dudes and dudettes…you are an insurance risk.  Basically, you are begging to commit suicide every time you do this.

That being said, you would THINK that would be the end of the stupidity.

But the other day (well…it may have even been last school year, now that I think of it)…I saw something that the blood chill and turn into ice coating my bones and made me want to call CPS.

Now, on my street, people don’t usually use their garages for the intended purpose.  I am guilty of that.  Josh and I (even in his huge hulking work van) park in the driveway.  Most of our other neighbors use the street as an extension of their garage and driveway and park there.  So, if you are STUPIDLY a pedestrian (or worse, a pedestrian pushing a baby stroller with your precious offspring in it down the STREET) on the street, you will not necessarily be seen by someone driving down the street until it is too late.

Really.  Those two mothers should have been arrested for negligence.  And had their offspring permanently removed from the home.

Now, I realize that this has seemed a very angry rant…and it is.  If you are being a pedestrian in this manner, you are risking not only your personal safety, but the personal safety and well-being of those who may decide to…shocker of shockers…actually drive down a road meant for driving.

Please be mindful of how your actions affect yourself, your family, and others.

Thank you (stepping off of the Thoughtful Thursday soapbox).


One thought on “Thoughtful Thursday: Being a Pedestrian

  1. I think a runner will choose the road in order to avoid the slower moving pedestrians, dog walkers and playing children who may not notice them – there will also be a greater distance between themselves and vehicles leaving their driveways, and perhaps fewer other obstacles like trash cans. These things aren’t so apparent to those that don’t run, but runners don’t run in the street because they don’t value their safety; believe it or not 😉

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