Tip Tuesday: Make a Sunday Roast to Eat All Week

Tip Tuesday

I know I’ve probably mentioned this before, but this tip bears repeating (especially for those weeks when you really can’t think of anything to do for dinner).  If you make a really big roast, you should be able to eat for a few days of the following week (or at least make a few yummy lunches).

Thus is the truth with my mom’s slow cooker pork loin.  This was what we ate for New Year’s Day dinner (along with the hot water cornbread I made).  Muffin really liked the potatoes and carrots.  Of course, Muffin adores carrots anyway.  Sunday, as I prepared the carrots for the roast while he was eating breakfast, he asked for a “big carrot.”  I handed him one that I had already peeled, trimmed, and washed.

I have hopes that this will make several meals for Josh’s big cooker.  And a meal or two for Muffin and me in the upcoming week.

It really is an easy-cheesy recipe, especially the way my mom makes it (with baby carrots).  I tend to make it with peeled and cut up carrots (because that’s usually all we buy), but I figure that since I already have the vegetable peeler out for the potatoes, I might as well do the same with the carrots.

I know I probably use different amounts than my mom does (I tend to go very heavy on the potatoes and carrots because they are a family favorite…I could eat a huge bowl of them, alone, for lunch).

Another reason that I use the “big” carrots is that they are the most cost-effective way to buy organic.  Carrots tend to be my one organic splurge.  I know the rule is if you eat the outside, you buy that in organic, but I can actually taste the pesticide in the “inorganic” carrots.  And, they tend to be the most cost-effective organic.

Mom’s Pork Loin

Adapted from my mom’s application

1 whole (or half, if you are using a smaller slow cooler) boneless pork loin

6-8 large carrots (as opposed to baby), pared, trimmed, cut into sticks (of the size you would eat on a crudite platter)

6-8 small russet potatoes (in other words, save the bakers for another purpose), pared and cut into large-ish chunks (think rustic hashbrown size in a diner)

one large onion, peeled, cut into fourths, leaves separated

salt and pepper to taste

a handful of garlic cloves, peeled, optional (I used about half of a small bulb)

Arrange the onion leaves/petals/layers as a bed on the bottom of the crock.  Arrange the carrots above the onion.  Smoosh in the pork loin (Even in Big Bertha, this activity took some arranging to fit) into the crock.  Sprinkle with salt.  Crack copious amounts of black pepper over the top of the loin.  If using garlic, place the whole peeled cloves in gaps around the meat.  Stuff the remaining space with potatoes.  Cover.  Set heat to LOW for 8 hours.  At six hours, check every 30 minutes for doneness.  When done, remove the roast, slice, and serve on a platter.  Serve the vegetables and juices alongside.  Repeat as necessary and enjoy!


If I were making this on a workday, I would probably prep the vegetation the night before.  This entire dish makes fantastic leftovers!

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