Tip Tuesday: Using Outside Temperature to Your Advantage

Tip Tuesday

Have you ever wanted to make a warm environment to make dough rise, but you didn’t want to heat up the house any more than you were going to have to (by baking the dough into yumminess) in the middle of the summer?

I’ve been guilty of that.

Now, I’m not recommending this as an action to take right now (unless you are presently enjoying 100 degree temps).  But I would use the great outdoors (or my backyard porch) to make dough rise.  After all, those uncomfy temps are going to happen whether you use them to make dough rise or not; you might as well get some side benefit out of that much discomfort.

There are a few suggestions that I would make, however.

  1.  Secure the bread so that wandering taste testers (read:  ants) don’t come munching.  I have had that (unfortunately) happen before.

  2.  If you have a Daisy (or other animal equivalent), this would really be the best time to ensure said fur baby is not outside.

  3.  Don’t forget about the dough.

  4.  Make sure you don’t actually deflate the dough when you bring the dough back inside.  I’ve had a few “pressure deflations” by accidentally pressing down on the wrong spot on the edge of the pan.  Trust me:  deflated dough=hockey puck rolls.  On second thought, hockey pucks would probably have been easier to chew.

Enjoy this cold weather, everyone, because the temperatures that are referred to in this post will be back all too soon.


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