Summary Sunday: 100 Followers and Counting! (And Date Night)

Summary Sunday

Wow!  It’s been an explosive week!  At the end of the work day Friday, that is all I could say.  There was, of course, the exploding potato last Saturday (although I guess that counts as a last week sorta thing…although it sure was a portent of things to come).

I knew that it was going to be a long week.  I had two days jam packed with after work meetings.  Monday morning began with a bang, literally, though…my carpool buddy’s back passenger tire hit something (thus the “bang”) and went flat.  I realize now that my education has been sadly lacking.  I literally have NO IDEA how to fix a flat…or put the doughnut tire on.

Tuesday was the first meeting afternoon followed by Wednesday.  I feel on those days as if I barely have the time or the energy to give to Muffin that he needs from me.  Only his snuggles sustained me (and the fact that supper was pretty much prepared each day).

Thursday I felt more like Muffin’s mama; I felt that I was on the end-of-the-week slide into sanity.  And then Friday resulted in an explosion in one of my classes.

All in all, very explosive.

Saturday I got in some much-needed family time, including even a semi-successful DATE NIGHT (the first of the year).  After two false and non-starts, we caught up on some of our shows that had downloaded and made Bounty truffles (that’s what I’m going to call them because they wouldn’t dip well as bars).

I think it was after the craziness of the week that I noticed in my e-mail that I now have 100 followers!  Yay to all my wonderful readers who put up with my random musings about food, motherhood, and randomness!  Thank you for putting up with me!

How did your week go?  Hopefully, it was not as explosive as mine!


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