Cent Saving Saturday: Know Where to Buy Reduced Grocery Items

Cent Saving Saturday

I tend to buy items for use (at the very least) for the following week (or weeks).  Sometimes, I have the opportunity to stock pile on canned goods or frozen foods or meats.  Those items, of course, are not going to all be used at once (unless I’m planning an OAMC session…and that hasn’t happened since before Muffin was born).

So, I’m very appreciative and not that picky (although I won’t buy things after their expiration date) about purchasing reduced bakery, produce, meat, and the like…especially if I know I will be getting my money’s worth before they go bad.

The first rule that I kind of pooh poohed (because I didn’t know my local Dollar Tree that well and didn’t know where to find it) was the $1 reduced bread at Dollar Tree.  If you are unlucky enough (like me) to live in an area where there are no longer the very excellent bread company thrift stores (I think there might still be a Sunbeam one somewhere, but it costs more in gas that it is worth in savings.), the $1 Nature’s Own or Orowheat bread makes an awesome (affordable) treat.  So, on Friday when I asked Josh to pick himself up a couple of loaves for the week…and again texted him to remind him…and called him to make sure when he didn’t answer my text…I had a very good reason for doing so.

I know several people personally who are very picky about day old bread.  I’m not that fond of my homemade artisan bread after one day (unless I am making French toast or Frenchy toasty bread pudding in a mug), but the “bread conditioners/anti-staling agents” they put in sliced bread make it to the point I can tell no difference.  Plus, a loaf of bread lasts about a week around here (Josh’s bread a bit shorter), so the fresh “softness” of bread is really negligible in importance.

On the meat front, our local Brookshire’s is notorious for putting items on for 88 cents.  I’ve bought ground turkey, ground chicken, little smokies sausages, expensive air chilled chicken, turkey breakfast sausage, turkey Italian sausage, and other goodies that were about to go out of their “freeze by” date.  So, I would buy, buy, buy and freeze, freeze, freeze.

If you manage to get to Brookshire’s or Kroger’s around 8:30 or 9 in the morning (particularly on a Saturday), they are putting out their reduced produce.  I have purchased reduced vegetable trays that Josh has taken in his lunch for the next week, salad greens for that night, and produce that I normally wouldn’t be able to afford (including wonton wrappers) for pennies on the dollar, almost.  Kroger also bags up produce from their main produce section and slaps a 99 cent tag on it.

Speaking of Kroger, here are the deals for this week:


strawberries, 1 lb., $1.88

grapefruit, 8 lb. bag, $2.99

Chapel Hill Smoked Sausage, 2/$5

Kroger Cheese $1.99 (8 oz.)

Coke/Pepsi 12 pk cans 3/$9

grape tomatoes $1.99

blueberries 2/$5

lettuce (Romaine, leaf, or iceberg) 99 cents/head

broccoli 99 cents/pound


Canada Dry 2 L 88 cents (I found out, because Josh purchased these for the week, that this sale also included A&W and Sunkist.)

boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.68 (Friday-Sunday)

Super 1 Foods

russet potatoes, 10 lb. bag $2.48

Have a wonderful shopping weekend, everyone!


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