We Plan Wednesday: A Great Plan

We Plan Wednesday

Have you ever seen the first Man Food Show episode of Good Eats?  Where Alton Brown is pretending to create a wife’s meal episode?  And he totally doesn’t fool anyone?  Well, this title and this first paragraph are my equivalent of that.  A blind.  A smoke screen.

Note:  If you personally know my husband or my son, please don’t tell them about this post.  The contents are meant to be a surprise.  And, if you are Josh, stop reading now.  I mean it!

If you’ve checked a calendar recently, you know that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Seriously.  We are a month out.  Last year, after February had already begun, I discovered a Fourteen Days of Valentine’s Day (or whatever it was called).  The gist of the activity is this:  from February 1 through February 14, give your loved one (or, in my case, loved ones) small gifts each day to let them know how much you love them (candy bar, drinks, a card, etc.).

I’ve scoured the Internet (especially the Dating Divas website) and the Pinteresting Blogosphere for ideas.

Here is (kinda) what I’m planning:

February 1:  You are my Lucky Charm!  (Lucky Charm cereal bar, if I can find them)

February 2:  I “soda” think you’re perfect (soda)

February 3:  You’re A-maze-ing (Print out an easy maze for Muffin and a more difficult one for Josh)

February 4:  You’re my Sweetheart!  (box of conversation hearts)

February 5:  Will you “bee” mine?  (Cheerios cereal bar)

February 6:  You are my rock!  (Pop Rocks)

February 7:  You’re such a card!  (handmade Valentine’s Day card)

February 8:  It’s no puzzle why I love you so much!  (A Sudoku for Josh; a jigsaw puzzle for Muffin)

February 9:  I love you “berry” much!  (Either something berry flavored or some berries for a snack)

February 10:  Don’t change a thing:  I love you just the way you are!  (a roll of quarters)

February 11:  I’ve caught a keeper!  (Swedish Fish or Gold Fish)

February 12:  You warm my heart!  (Fuzzy blanket for both…one for each to keep in the vehicle)

February 13:  Great things happen in 3s, like our family!  (3 Musketeers)

February 14:  I’m a card-carrying fan of yours!  (Valentine’s Day card with hopefully Josh’s Swagbucks-purchased restaurant gift card and an iTunes card for Muffin)

I may alter these a bit or switch the order up, but this is the skeleton of my plan.

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?

What do you think?

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