Summary Sunday: Sinusitis…Population: Me!

Summary Sunday

This week began with a bad cold (from exposure to the elements at the playground at the Brookshire’s museum last Saturday) that developed into a full-blown sinus infection.  I apologize for my brevity, but a lot of this week passed in a blur of sneezes, coughs, and d-accented words (doze instead of nose).

On Sunday, we relaxed and made Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Bars.

On Monday, I returned back to work.  Josh and Muffin relaxed around the house a bit.

On Tuesday, Josh made a huge pot of spaghetti for supper (and for us to have leftovers in our lunches).  I began working on finalizing again (hahaha…expect to hear this a lot) the menu for when we have company in June.  I’m now on version 3.0, but then I found a lot of recipes on Recipe Goldmine early yesterday morning, so all bets are off.

On Wednesday, I picked Muffin up, and he and I spent most of the evening snuggling.  And on Thursday, as well.  On Friday, we had to do the grocery shopping for the week in case the threat of winter weather actually happened Friday night.  (It didn’t.)

Saturday started out pretty lazy.  I didn’t sleep much Friday night (on account of full-blown sinusitis), so Muffin and I lazed around the bed the first half of the day.  I organized my list of things to do a few times.  Then, we got ready to go to Sam’s to meet Josh and my parents.

And…since I neglected my to-do list all day, we came to my to do list with a vengeance.  Or…I guess I should say exploding force.  I started out baking potatoes for a dish I am trying out this week.  After they were all done, I took them one by one out of the oven with a pot holder.  I put a little pressure on each.  The first one…done.  The second one gave an audible poof and exploded…all over my chest…all over the oven door…and on the floor.  Yes…I had poked holes in the potatoes.  Three on each side, as a matter of fact.  This is my cautionary tale.  Never test potatoes for doneness by pressing on them slightly.  Do the “fork tender” test.  Because exploded potato…is not fun.  Thankfully, that was after Muffin and Daisy went to bed because my heart stops a bit to think of one of them in potato shrapnel range.

So…the week ended with a bang…or a poof, rather!

How did your week go?


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