Cent Saving Saturday: Online Help, Part 2 (iBotta and Checkout 51)

Cent Saving Saturday

Recently, one of my coworkers clued me in to two online rebate sites/apps:  iBotta and Checkout 51.

I really like them both.  With iBotta, you unlock the rebates before shopping (by viewing a recipe, learning a fact, or watching a video).  Then, you purchase the items that you unlock, scan the barcode, take a picture of your receipt, and iBotta drops the money in your iBotta account.  If several people go in together to form a team, you earn bonuses faster.  In November, I received $10 back in rebates plus $10 for the team goal.  That turned into $20 in Amazon gift cards.  There are many gift cards to redeem (or you can redeem the rebates into your Pay Pal account).  You have to earn at least $10 to “cash out.”

Checkout 51 operates on much the same principle–except you have to earn $20 before cashing out– and they send you a check.  Checkout 51 often gives you a choice of rebates you would like to add to your list, and their deals renew each Thursday.  Maybe you can use one of the two to cash in on these great deals:


Blackberries, 6 ounce, 99 cents

Springdale milk, gallon $3.19

Pears 99 cents/pound

Chef Boyardee pasta 88 cents wyb 8 or more

Kroger Cheese, 2 pound bag of grated cheese or block, $7.49


Gala apples 99 cents/pound

large Roma tomatoes 99 cents/pound

Albertson’s drinking water $1.99/24 pack (limit 4)

Wolf chili 99 cents (limit 4)

Del Monte canned fruit 99 cents (limit 6)

Albertson’s bread (20 ounce) 79 cents (limit 4)

Bar S franks 79 cents (limit 4)

(wyb 4 sale):  Kellogg’s Cereal 99 cents-$1.49/box (smallish boxes) or 12 count Pop Tarts 99 cents (or Keebler cookies $1.49)

eggplant 99 cents/each (One day I would like to make eggplant parmesan, but that’s not going to happen this week.)

Super 1:

Pork butt $1.27/pound

Boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.47/pound

3 pound bag yellow onions 98 cents

Brookshire’s bacon 3 pound package $10

Roma tomatoes 78 cents/pound


Jonagold apples 99 cents/pound

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 🙂


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