We Plan Wednesday: Valentine’s Day 2015

We Plan Wednesday

Coming off of the 2014 Holiday season means one thing:  we are galloping quickly toward Valentine’s Day.  Just as with last year (and our anniversary), Josh and I are planning to make another cheese board (more of an antipasto tray really).

On Saturday, the three of us went to Fresh by Brookshire’s for a fact-finding mission.  I wanted us to select (but not buy…not quite yet) the cheeses and meats for the tray.  We have enough extras (olives, dried fruit, and nuts) around the house.

We decided upon the following:

apple-smoked gouda

port salut (This is one of our new favorites.  We had it on our anniversary trip to Dallas and fell in love instantly with it.)

No Woman (I’m not sure what type this one is.  It looks interesting, however.)

Kerrygold Black Wax Cheddar


Huntsman (This is probably my all-time fave.  It looks like a birthday cake of cheddar and blue cheese.)

We will probably serve it with the Piller’s gypsy salami cut translucent-thin.  I also liked the looks of the Old World Black Forest Ham as well as their fresh-baked herbed turkey breasts and roast beefs.  We will probably also get the petit toasts and rosemary and chive flat bread there.

This was our Valentine’s Day date night cheese board from last year. I can’t wait to enjoy the fabulous one we create this year!

What is your favorite cheese board cheese?

What do you think?

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