Tip Tuesday: Lemons in Boiling Water for Cleaning

Tip Tuesday

I’ve heard it all before. Microwave a lemon to help ease the cleaning of a microwave’s grubby interior.  Or…microwave a cup of water to the same (albeit unscented) effect.

Well…leave it to me in the craziness of trying to clean the house for the NYE fiesta that I had to try this…both of these actually.

I cut up a lemon that was getting a bit past its prime (see below) and placed it in a small bowl of water.  I microwaved the heck out of it, until the water bubbled up the sides of the bowl.  Then I wiped the microwave door (Josh had to do the inside of the microwave because we have one of those stupid above-the-stove microwaves).  Success!  Sweetly citrusy-scented success!

Then, I thought, what if I wipe the counters and the stove top with it.  Super fabulous and awesome!  The combination of boiling water and lemon oil and lemon innards really help make the surfaces clean and fragrant.  And cut through muck!


I have now become obsessed with this cleaning method.

The kicker is that the water has to be HOT.  Once the water cools, the cleaning power diminishes considerably.

But…you can reuse the lemons with new water for several uses.  And, unlike some of the chemically cleaning products that make me sick when I breathe them in, this one is very easy on the nose and lungs.

What are your favorite natural cleaning methods?


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