Summary Sunday: New Year’s Week

Summary Sunday


This week began as hectically as the last few.  We were nearing the home stretch, holiday-wise, but we were in full party-prep mode.

Daisy celebrated her birthday (The diva princess turned 4!) on Monday with a hot dog of her very own.  She also got to share “her boy’s” bedtime snack of a clemmie (clementine orange) and marshmallows (She loves both, but marshmallows are her absolute favorite!).  Monday also marked the second day of scary bleeding from Muffin when he reopened his wound from scraping the underside of his left food and one of his little toes against the bed frame.  This time Josh was home when it happened.  At the time, I was proving that attempting to make macarons for the first time while under all of the stress of preparing the party just really…wasn’t…a…good…idea.  At all.

Tuesday was all about more party prep, but Muffin had to be the “laying” wounded and “seated” wounded because he was only allowed up to go to the bathroom in an attempt to keep his wound from opening up again.  The greatest accomplishment Tuesday?  Watching The Lego Movie six or so times…one after another.  Expect a Thoughtful Thursday post about it soon.  In the midst of the crazy, I decided to start planning menus for Josh’s mom’s trip down here.  Yes…I know.  She’s arriving at the end of June.  But it will make a fabu We Plan Wednesday post.

Wednesday was the New Year’s Eve fiesta.  For once, I didn’t go into full panic mode a few hours before.  I planned it out so that Wednesday was the “light” day…no heavy cleaning…no heavy cooking (other than Josh grilling the fajitas and making the Spanish rice).  Our guests began arriving at 6:15, and our last guest departed around 12:30.  I collapsed soon thereafter.  Josh lasted, playing the new “Zelda” game I got him for Christmas, until shortly after 1.  Muffin sacked out a few minutes before 12…again.

Thursday was New Year’s Day.  We were a bit sluggish starting out…having brunch of bacon, toast, eggs, and beans.  I informed the boys that we were eating two meals that day…brunch…and “lupper” at my mom’s around 2.  I think I had cooked enough the month of December.  At my mom’s, I made Hot Water Cornbread to accompany her pork loin with carrots and potatoes, peas (purple hull or black eye), and coleslaw.

Friday was a Muffin and Mama day.  Josh had to work, and it was my last “official” day off (not counting the weekend).  We spent much of the time snuggling, cuddling, and watching Disney Junior.  We also played his TMNT Trouble game that he received from his Ontario relatives.  I made a new soup that I will be posting tomorrow that was super yummy (and one that is on the prospective menu for when Josh’s mom and stepdad come here).

On Saturday, we took a bit of a road trip.  We went to Tyler on a fact-finding mission you will find more about on Wednesday.  We also went to the Brookshire’s wildlife museum and country store.  They have a playground, and Muffin had a great time, but all of the playground was wet on account of the very rainy thunderstorm our area was treated to.  After we arrived home, Josh and Muffin played Minecraft and put together LEGOs for a bit before we ate a late dinner.

Hot Water Cornbread

Source:  Cooking with K


2 cups yellow cornmeal

1 teaspoon salt

2 cups water

2 cups oil (one that can withstand high heat…no olive oil here)

Heat enough oil in a skillet halfway up the side of the cast-iron skillet.  Mix together cornmeal and salt.  Add enough boiling water that the cornmeal comes together to spoon.  When oil is hot but not smoking, spoon cornmeal mixture in hands dipped in hot or warm water and place gently in the hot oil.  Fry each in hot oil, turning once, until crisp and golden brown, about five minutes.  Drain on paper towels.  Serve hot.

How was your week?

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