Funny Muffin Friday: How Muffin Makes My Back Feel Better

Funny Muffin Friday

Muffin has become a bit of a dramatic persona.  Okay, that’s a vast understatement.  Muffin has stopped short of collapsing in a heap with the back of his hand to his forehead with a fit of the vapors in his drama fits.

His new schtick is making me laugh.  One day, my back HURT from exerting myself (and as a result of an old car wreck injury).  He decided his job was to make me laugh.  So, using the bed as his (sitting down) stage, he made silly faces and noises and pretended to faint dead away…dramatically.

After each time I howled with laughter, he asked, “Did I make your back feel better?”

Yes, Muffin, you did.

What does your little one do to make you laugh?


What do you think?

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