Thoughtful Thursday: New Year’s Resolutions, the 2015 Edition

Yes, it is that dreaded time again.  The time for New Year’s resolutions.  I kept the momentum going on the blog for one full year.  Even though that was not the original resolution, the date-night resolution had the side benefit of bringing me back to the blog.

And speaking of that date night resolution, I believe I should speak a bit on that…my only resolution of last year (this year still?).

Um…it lasted…sort of…for about 6 months.  Things went smoothly during that time.  I think we were both happier in our relationship, as parents, and in our respective careers during those six months of intentionally carving out time each week with each other.  And then…in the melee of returning home from Canada…the patriotic holidays…getting ready for back to school…and busy-ness at both of our worklife environments…things (date night) fell to the way-side.

Leading up to Christmas, I broached the subject again with Josh.  He agreed that we needed to make a return to the date nights but that we should definitely wait until after the first of the year.

So…resolution #1 of 2015 is a carbon copy (sort of) of my only resolution of 2014:  to have an at-home date night once a week (usually on Saturdays) and blog about it here within 24 hours of the date’s completion.  I am not going to outlaw movie nights because they tended to be our most successful (and we have A LOT of movies to watch post-Christmas and birthdays, thank you very much!).  I do want to do movie and a treat, however (although don’t be surprised if I don’t supply the recipes quite yet…some of them may make an appearance in next year’s 25 Days of Holiday Goodies).

And, speaking of blogging, I want to continue to blog, albeit a bit more faithfully.  My goal is a post a day and a return to the set blogging schedule (Meal Plan Monday, etc.).  If…and that’s a pretty big if…I can manage to keep up the momentum, I may try to upgrade my WordPress account next Christmas.  Again…that depends on if I don’t let myself or you…my faithful readers…down.

Resolution #3:  Make a meal plan and stick to that sucker.  Like glue.  Like KraGle even (if you’ve seen The Lego Movie, you know what I’m talking about).  I’m tired of nasty Thursday night I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-for-dinner-and-I’m-tired-anyway-so-let’s-eat-out surprises.  Have you noticed that it’s always on Thursdays when things fall apart, meal plan-wise?

Resolution #4:  Just as with his dad, I want to spend more quality time with Muffin.  I may even instill a Mama-and-Muffin date night, but I haven’t decided yet.

And speaking of Muffin…yet another resolution…let’s call it Resolution #5 and the last one:  I want to create school lunches for him (beginning in August) of the variety that I’ve been researching since before Josh and I were even married.  Maybe not quite Weelicious…but I want him to be proud to carry his lunch every day.

Five should be enough, right?

What are your resolutions, or even your hopes and dreams, for this year of 2015?

Happy New Year!


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