Cent-Saving Saturday (The Late Edition): Shopping for ‘Da NYE Fiesta!

Cent Saving Saturday

Yup.  I know.  I’ve done the unforgiven.  I’ve jumped the shark.  I’ve stayed too long at the party.  Er.  Well…the fact of the matter is…my notebook with my shopping list was underneath a ton of stuff in the front seat of the car (to be distinguished from the ton of stuff in the back end of the car).  So, I didn’t quite have it handy when I wrote my gushing CSS post about the Frozen soundtrack.  Oopsie.

And…while watching one of my gift card purchases from iTunes (Gigi with Leslie Caron…one of my faves)…I remembered that I had finally unearthed my notebook…my lifeline for this holiday season with recipes and lists and reminders and more lists…and more reminders.  Seriously.  When I’ve…umm…misplaced it a few times in the last few weeks…there was some cause for SERIOUS panic.  It also has the deals for the week, which luckily (for us), seem to have a vaguely Tex-Mex theme at the end of December.  Yay!  No paying $3 for one avocado when I need three to make guacamole.

So, without further ado…here is la list (Items needed for the partay are denoted with an *):


Avocados 88 cents (and they promise large ones)*

Buns (of the hot dog and hamburger variety) 10/$10* (for the boys if they don’t want fajitas)

Coke/Pepsi 2 L $1 each wyb 6

Skirt Steak (the proper steak for fajitas) $4.99/pound*

Milk/orange juice…gallon $3.49

Sour cream, 16 ounce, 4/$5*

Kroger cream cheese 10/$10

Cheese, 8 ounces $1.99*


Wolf brand chili 88 cents each (limit 4) (Friday-Sunday)

Cantaloupe 99 cents each

Half pork loin $1.99/pound (for the meat factory bee-sheen)

Niagara water, 24 pack, $1.99

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts $1.68/pound*

Super 1

Green cabbage 4 pounds/$1

John Morell smoked sausage 97 cents


Bar-S meat franks 89 cents* (see above about the buns)

Frank’s Hot Sauce 5 ounces 89 cents (We had to get a rain check on the first day of the sale–Friday–for this)

Mission 20 count flour tortillas 2/$4*

In addition, I have to manage to procure 3 red onions, balsamic vinegar, oranges, 4 green peppers, possibly stewed tomatoes (I need two cans and think I only have one), waffle ice cream bowls, vanilla ice cream, limes from Brookshire’s (huge and 33 cents each), diced tomatoes, and cilantro.

I may cut out the waffle bowls and the vanilla ice cream if I can’t find ones I want to procure.  We have other ice cream flavors already.


What do you think?

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