This Just In…Lord of the Rings Freebie on Google Play!

Hullo, all!  In between the craziness of preparing things for the holiday season (I will eventually get the chocolate out from under my fingernails), I’ve noticed a few things when I’ve gone to Google Play.  Yes, for all the iHeads in my life, Google.  Play.  As in Android.  (And I know my sister is secretly snickering in front of her iPad while she reads this…yes…even from over 200 miles away I can hear you.  Yes, I know I have an iPhone.  And that I tried two or three times to access my Google Play account on it.  I’m special that way.)

First, if you don’t have The Lord of the Rings:  Fellowship of the Ring, it is available as a free purchase (not rental) from Google Play.  Simply go to “Movies and TV” from the Google Play homepage or app.  (I don’t think this carries over to iTunes…just sayin’.)  This is kinda like the free copy of Elf that I scored last year…or was it the year before?

Second, the freebie album of the week is from Linkin Park…not really kid friendly, but for all those LP fans out there, I would jump on this one!

Also–there is a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas album available for Free!

Yay, Google!  Yay, Android!

(Sorry…had to sneak that in)

I don’t know how long these three will be available, so I would snatch them up soonest!



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