25 Days of Holiday Goodies Day 14: Chocolate-Dipped Licorice

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This post could easily be subtitled “The Happy Accident.”  After having an excess of dark chocolate one year for dipping the orange truffles, I looked around for something to dip…and came across short sticks of twist and peel red licorice that I had purchased after Halloween on sale.

Now…I hate licorice…red…black…the horrid new flavors they’ve discovered.  But Josh and my dad love it…and they love this recipe…if you can call it one.  You simply take melted dark chocolate…dip short licorice twists halfway up the side in chocolate and allow them to set on a pan.

Here’s a picture of them in the treat tray from last year:

The red things that have chocolate on one end in the lower left hand side with the truffles and the frogs? That’s them!

Now…(and this is Saturday the 13th that I’m typing this)…I have to go make some…with Muffin.  If I have any licorice left after he finishes eating it…or liquid as he says.  Licorice (or liquid) is definitely Muffin Approved!

Here’s the printable:

Chocolate-Dipped Licorice