Advent Calendar Activities: December 2-3

Muffin is enjoying the advent season because each day Ketchup the Elf moves to a new location, he gets to build a Lego piece for his Lego City advent calendar, and he gets to complete a new fun activity.

On Tuesday, Muffin built a mailbox for his advent calendar.  Ketchup the Elf planned to hang out and complete some cleaning.  But…watching the Frosty movie on Netflix didn’t happen.  Josh and Muffin were batching it that night since I had to work at a basketball game.  They played Minecraft instead.

Even though Josh’s birthday was Wednesday, Muffin and I let him open his presents Tuesday night after I got home from the game.

Wednesday, Josh’s birthday, coincided with the day to take our family picture for the Christmas card.

Wednesday’s Lego advent calendar creation was a snowman.

Ketchup the Elf was feeling a bit bashful.

How are your advent activities going?


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