Advent Calendar Activities: December 1

Meet Ketchup (because he’s red) the Elf.

He brought Muffin a new pair of pajamas as his welcome gift.  Muffin was very surprised and happy that Ketchup (newly renamed because we all seem to have forgotten his name) arrived safe and sound.

My mom purchased LEGO Advent Calendars for my nephews and Muffin (LEGO Star Wars for my oldest nephew and LEGO City for Muffin and my youngest nephew).  Muffin has literally (well…figuratively) chomping at the bit to begin his calendar.  After we got home this afternoon, he made quick work of today’s surprise:  a boy carrying letters.

Today marks the beginning of the Advent activities that I had planned today.  Today’s was a near-miss.  Muffin worked to create a LEGO ornament…which then became pieces of cargo (yes…pieces…as in he broke it all up…but he promised to make another one) for the cars of one of his trains.

This is the photo of what he did before it became train car cargo:

How are your advent activities going?



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