We Plan Wednesday: Interactive Advent Calendar

We Plan Wednesday

I have a thing about Advent calendars.  My mom once made one out of felt, beads, rick-rack, and other sewing treasures.  The background is a tree, and each day you hang the individual ornaments (from the angel at the top of the tree to the Santa at the bottom of the tree) on the bead hangers.  As a child, I was obsessed with it.

There is not one that I’ve found since to meet it.

But…the Pinteresting Blogosphere has oodles of ideas about Advent calendars.  My new fave type is the advent calendar that has activities listed for each day of December.  A few years ago (after Christmas), I picked up an already-made felt advent calendar Christmas tree with little numbered pockets that you stick a candy cane in each day to track the season.  This year, instead of moving the candy cane, I’m going to stuff the pockets with activities.  And today, I will share with you the tags that I plan to place in the pockets.  I’ve even made a few extra if you don’t have the possibility of doing those particular activities.

The plan (by day) goes something like this:

December 1:  Make Christmas ornaments

December 2:  Watch the Frosty movie

December 3:  Family Christmas picture

December 4:  Write a letter to Santa

December 5:  Visit Santa

December 6:  Put up lights/Decorate the tree

December 7:  Christmas candy making day

December 8:  Mail Christmas cards

December 9:  Read Elf on the Shelf

December 10:  Polar Express movie night

December 11:  Unwrap a Christmas book to read

December 12:  Eat dinner by candlelight

December 13:  Create a snowscape with shaving cream and action figures

December 14:  Watch Elf (Hopefully, Muffin won’t fall asleep this time)

December 15:  Decorate the windows of Muffin’s room

December 16:  Write a letter to Santa about our elf

December 17:  Play a card or board game

December 18:  Baking evening

December 19:  Drive around to see Christmas lights

December 20:  Decorate cookies

December 21:  Decorate presents at Granny’s

December 22:  Go Christmas shopping at Dollar Tree (for Muffin to buy gifts for family)/Wrap presents

December 23:  Cooking day with Mom

December 24:  Leave out Cookies and Milk for Santa

Please see below for the printable file of each page.  Click on each image to print from Google Drive.

What are you planning for this December?  Are you obsessed with Advent calendars, as well?


What do you think?

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