We Plan Wednesday: A New Blog Series for December


Yes…I have been MIA.   I have been doing very many things…with my family…with work…and with planning for the blog.   I have something new to work toward:  25 days of holiday recipes…appropriate for Christmas…Thanksgiving…New Year’s Eve…and New Year’s Day.  Some are brand new to the blog…and some are re-fashioned favorites of recipes I’ve already posted.  I hope you’ll be impressed with my best. 

Here are few recipes that you will be seeing:

Sea salt caramel truffles
Sparkling apple cider
cornbread dressing vs white bread dressing
My take on Yams Richard
Chicken and steak fajitas
Pico de gallo
Spanish rice
Nanaimo bars
Pecan pie
cranberry relish
chocolate dipped licorice
Olive bread
BBQ little sausages
Red velvet cake the right way
How to make greens from frozen
And many other surprises

If you’re going through Christmas withdrawal, be sure to visit my 12 days of Christmas in July
entries and round up. If you are one of those people who feels that Christmas is beginning to early each year, I apologize but respectfully disagree. I think the world could do with more Christmas spirit all year… The sharing, the caring, the generosity toward others, and tolerance and patience for other’s shortcomings.

I wish you in advance Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy new year, and a great year next year.

Here are a few of the recipes I plan to feature:


What do you think?

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