Cent-Saving Saturday: The Canadian Thanksgiving Edition

Cent Saving Saturday

Well…it’s about that time.  I’m actually writing this entry in the wee hours of Friday morning because the cooking blitz (that was supposed to begin last weekend) is going to begin shortly, and I figure I will have no time to write it on Saturday.

The sales at home this week are “meh.”  There are a few things I’m going to purchase, but as this isn’t a major holiday week in the U.S. (other than the very forgotten Columbus Day), I figured I would resurrect my efforts at posting the Canadian specials.


organic gala apples 99 cents/pound

Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or 7-Up 2 L $1 each wyb 6

(I also hope to procure the remaining three ingredients–pumpkin pie, carrots, and green onions–at Kroger)


7-Up, Sunkist, Canada Dry 2 L 79 cents with coupon (limit 6)

Jif peanut butter $1.49 with coupon (limit 4)

Gold medal flour 3/$5

Pepsi, Mountain Dew 24 pack 12 ounce cans $4.99 wyb 6 participating items

Chef Boyardee cups or cans 79 cents wyb 6 participating items

Now, for the Canadian sales.  I begin with Foodland (because they still send me their e-flyer)


Buy 1 Maple Leaf Bacon, get a dozen of eggs free (so both for $4.99)

Buy 1 10-inch apple or pumpkin pie at $6.99, get a 2 L of either chocolate or vanilla ice cream free

Jumbo red, black, or green seedless grapes (or red globe grapes) $1.49/pound

Christie (the equivalent of Nabisco) crackers–including Ritz and Wheat Thins $1.99/box

Compliments refrigerated crescent roll can $1.49


Maple Leaf Bacon $2.47

Simply Orange (juice) 1.75 L $1.97

red seedless grapes 97 cents/pound

Coke or Pepsi 2 L 97 cents

Nestle or Mars chocolate bars 67 cents

Christie cookies (including Oreo and Chips Ahoy) $1.67

Heinz tomato juice 1 L 97 cents

whole tilapia $1.97/pound

gala apples 77 cents/pound

Food Basics

Selection bacon $1.97

royal gala apples 88 cents/pound

celery stalk 88 cents each

cantaloupe 88 cents each

Selection tortillas 99 cents

sweet potatoes 88 cents/pound

tomatoes 88 cents/pound

pineapple $1.88 each

cranberries, package $1.88 each

pomegranates 2/$3

canned beans 77 cents

pies (including pumpkin) $3.99

Fresh Co.

Compliments fresh cranberries, bag $1.77

asparagus $1.77/pound

D’Angelo Vegetable Oil 3 L $2.97 (limit 4)

Heinz tomato juice 1 L 99 cents

Stove Top stuffing 99 cents

Gay Lea sour cream, 500 mL $1.49

Betty Crocker cake mix 99 cents

Pillsbury crescents canned and refrigerated $1.25

Ontario tomatoes on the vine 79 cents/pound

Ontario seedless cucumbers 79 cents/each

celery stalk 79 cents each

3 pound bag onions 99 cents

4 pack sweet bell peppers (orange/red) $1.99

Italian plums 99 cents/pound

5 pound bag sweet potatoes $2.49


(home of the only place I could find 12 packs of Canada Dry green tea ginger ale)

pineapple $1.99

asparagus $1.99/pound

Coke or Pepsi 12 pack cans $3.33 (I wonder if this includes the Canada Dry green tea ginger ale)

Classico pasta sauce $1.99

Romaine hearts, package of 3 $2.99

HP sauce $3.99 (Sadly…this is cheaper than we can find it down here…think A1 with lots of tamarind flavor)

Compliments perogies 1 kg $1.99 (Frozen)


Turkey 79 cents/pound

Stove Top stuffing 79 cents/pound

Romaine hearts 3 pack $1.97

The sales in Canada win it for this week.


What do you think?

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