Meal Plan Monday: Another Crazy Week

Meal Plan Monday

This week is going to be another crazy week.  I’m going to rely a lot on leftovers from last week as I gear up for Canadian Thanksgiving.  Josh is off-but-on-call Monday and Tuesday, so those days will fall under his meal domain.  I will be off Friday, so I will be able to cook an actual meal on those days (rather than cook ahead or leftovers).

Here we go for the meal plan…

Saturday:  Turkey burgers (I scored a beyond super deal for Honeysuckle White ground turkey patties, 2 pounds worth of patties per box–8 in each box–for 99 cents) and chips

Sunday:  tacos

Monday and Tuesday:  Josh decides

Wednesday and Thursday:  leftover red beans and rice

Friday:  possibly French bread pizzas or my mom’s pizza:  It will be Friday, after all.

Saturday:  meatball sub casserole

Sunday:  something new–as yet undecided

I have spent the last few weeks cleaning up and reorganizing my Pinterest boards and have found some things that I think are pretty awesome for that Sunday slot.  Tune in tomorrow for a return to Tip Tuesday where I list some of those options for that Sunday slot.  We Plan Wednesday will be a coverage of the plans for Canadian Thanksgiving, on October 13.  Thoughtful Thursday will look at the topic of exhaustion and stress.

As always, I will try to link up to Menu Plan Monday at

What’s your plan for this week?



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