The Pinteresting Blogosphere: I Love Fall; I Promise

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m obsessed with the Pinteresting Blogosphere.

But recently I thought of taking a hiatus…going on strike…from the Pinteresting Blogosphere.

Now, don’t get me wrong:  I love fall, autumn, the autumnal equinox.  I love sweater weather, October (my birth month), Thanksgiving (both the Canadian and the American varieties), shorter days, jack o’lanterns, apple recipes, and soups.

However, there is one thing about autumn I most definitely DO NOT like.


I have a feeling you are scratching your head now.  Wait a sec…she said she likes jack o’lanterns, and those are made from pumpkins.  Please, let me clarify.  I hate pumpkin recipes.

I’m very happy when my Pinterest feed is clogged with casserole recipes, chocolate delights, red velvet anything, and salted caramel everything.  Yet, right now, my Pinterest feed is infested…absolutely overrun…with…PUMPKIN.

I think I have a can of pumpkin mush somewhere in the house.  I think it may be out of date by a few years or so.

Now, I realize there are those (quite obviously, if my Pinterest feed is to be believed) that actually seem to like pumpkin.  I don’t have anything against you personally; I promise.

But my stomach does this really weird caving in on itself in fear (a pucker) when I view those pumpkinny “delights.”  Cakes.  No.  Pies.  Well, I don’t eat it, but it is tradition at Thanksgiving, so my husband and dad eat it.  French toast.  No.  Ravioli or pasta of any kind with pumpkin in it.  Revolting.  Cookies.  Please.  Just.  No.  Granola.  Whyyyyyyyyy?  Cinnamon rolls?  Really?  What did the poor cinnamon roll do to you?????  Cheesecake cupcakes sound yummy…until I glance to the word in front of cheesecake.  Pumpkin.  And this insidious “Got pumpkin?  10 delicious pumpkin recipes for fall!”  Uh.  No.

Dear Pinteresting Board of Directors:

Please, please, puhleeze, give us the option to screen certain items with let’s say the keyword of pumpkin out of our Pinterest feed.  Thank you very much.  Sincerely, A Pinterest-obsessed person.

I do, however, really enjoy sweet potato recipes.  I live in the south, after all.  I love sweet potato pie.  I love sweet potato bread and rolls and muffins.  I love sweet potatoes baked in their (slightly leathery) jackets until their syrup oozes out of the fork holes so made to allow steam to escape.  I love them with butter…with cream…with mushrooms…with cinnamon…and with brown sugar.  I love them mashed.  I love them with pecans.  I love them, Sam-I-am.

I do NOT, however, like sweet potatoes in savory dishes.  That’s where it crosses the line into pumpkin insanity.  A sweet potato should never debut in pasta…or swim in soups or chilis…or nap in savory casseroles.  Yes, I realize they are a superfood and people believe all superfoods should be in everything, but give the sweet tater it’s due…and leave it out of things that make some people go ew!

In the coming week, I will be sharing with you several recipes that make Canadian Thanksgiving happen in our house.  I hope you enjoy.  And…to bring it all back to pumpkin:  Yes, as I mentioned above, pumpkin pie will make an appearance on the table, but it will not be made by me.  That is one thing I do not do homemade.


What do you think?

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