Cent-Saving Saturday: The Week’s Deals and Why Sam’s Is the Cheapest Fast Food for Lunch/Dinner

Cent Saving Saturday

Now that Sam’s Club is the closest “grocery” store to our house, I foresee many successful bulk shopping trips.  In talking to my coworkers over the past few weeks about the new Sam’s, everyone falls into two decided camps:  a love of all things bulk and a few noted ones who won’t shop at Sam’s because their families would consume/use up all the purchases more quickly.

Except for a complete decimation of a bag of Hershey’s mini candies, we are usually very good at parceling out our purchases.  Except when I attack the olives (which we forgot to get again last night, darn) or pickles.

We buy the big container of Sam’s brand Jelly Belly-style jelly beans and divide them into single-serving baggies.  We do the same thing with other snacks.

But our absolute favorite (if you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s FMF post), is to eat at the Sam’s cafe area.  A huge (very filling) hot dog with all of the toppings and drink that’s refillable as you travel throughout the store for $1.70.  A huge slice of pizza equal to two-three regular size slices and a drink for not much more.  Pretzels for a fraction of the Auntie Anne’s price.  Soft-serve in a chocolate flavor that makes me willing to risk dairy discomfort at a price that puts TCBY or Baskin Robbins (much less Orange Leaf or Cold Stone) to shame.

Right now (and I hope this remains true), their milk is cheaper than most stores can offer even on sale (including it’s slightly evil counterpart Walmart who insists on milk at over $4 a gallon).  Of course, we’ve had to go fridge diving for the 2%, but that’s just part of the fun.  We’ve also found it easier to procure orange juice there.  And a quart of half-and-half is the same price I paid for a pint at Target.

But enough of that.  Here’s what’s up with the deals this week (Kroger and Albertson’s):


pork loin half $1.88/pound

plums 98 cents/pound

raspberries, 6 ounce package 97 cents

p$$t granulated sugar, 4 pounds $1.67

Kroger cheese, 1 pound 2/$7

Capri Sun 98 cents each wyb 5


gala apples 99 cents/pound (Friday-Monday)

Prego Pasta Sauce $1.49 each wyb 6

Coke 2 L 88 cents wyb 6

Essential Everyday Pasta 79 cents wyb 6

What are your best deals for the week?


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