Funny Muffin Friday: Muffin’s Push to Make Us Go to the New Sam’s Club

Funny Muffin Friday

Note:  I realize that it’s been a while since I last wrote.  This new school year is kicking my tush!

But…Muffin keeps it all in perspective.  Recently, our Sam’s Club opened.  I should note that we did not go to Sam’s on the day it opened (Boo!), or the day after…or the day after that.  It opened on a Thursday.  We went there on Sunday.  And, by we, I mean my parents, Muffin, and me.  Josh was on call and had to work that week.

Our goal was to arrive at 9 and go on in.  One small problem:  Sam’s didn’t open until 10.  So, we went back to my parents’ house (and left my car in the Sam’s parking lot).  At 9:50, Muffin told us that we needed to “skoo-dee-daddle” to go to Sam’s.  (He really wanted his slice of pizza.)  I think it’s my mom who has told him a few times to “skeedaddle.”  But Muffin had to put his own special spin on it.

Note:  Muffin really likes Sam’s.

And the pizza.

And…there was a man there who was making watermelon rind sculptures.  Muffin received a dinosaur.

And he loved it.

Unfortunately (for us and anyone within range of Muffin’s voice) the watermelon carver has not been back since.  We’ve been back to Sam’s a few times, and Muffin has to check…each…and…every…time.

Cent Saving Saturday will be back tomorrow with a reminder that Sam’s has probably the cheapest (although not healthiest) fast food meal on the fly.


One thought on “Funny Muffin Friday: Muffin’s Push to Make Us Go to the New Sam’s Club

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