Thoughtful Thursday: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Thoughtful Thursday

To my fellow adventurer throughout our home state (and probably the only person who understands my obsession love of Highway 1, from Rodessa to Grand Isle) and the only other person that I know who has been to all 64 parishes in five months (and helped me to take pictures of signs, cypress trees, shrimp boats, bayous, and pelicans…and more signs)…the only other person who understands why those pictures of signs were necessary…

Happy Birthday, Mom!  You are my source of laughter, inspiration, shared jokes, and love.  Love you lots (and Muffin loves his granny lots, too)!  And just remember, a la linguistics, you are not a “Moe-RON!”

So…when are we traveling down Highway 1 again?  Muffin is old enough now…  🙂

And, yes…I realize that your birthday is tomorrow…but I wanted this post to be there when you woke up  (or when the puppies wake you up at midnight…and one…and two…)

Love you, Mom!


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