Cent-Saving Saturday: Make a List and Whittle It Down Twice

Cent Saving Saturday

I don’t usually purchase all of the items that I list each week (and since posting both the North Bay ads and the northwest Louisiana ads recently, that would make no sense anyway).  But sometimes I look through the list and think, “I really don’t need that.  Or really want it.  Regardless of what a good price it is.”  Remember:  you aren’t saving money if you are saving money on an item you will never use.  It’s taking me and my hoarding tendencies a while to get a handle on it.  And it’s still a work in progress.

This week, for example, was an already sparse week–sale-wise–to begin with.  There were some great prices (the loss leaders), but the other sale prices were ho-hum.  Or maybe I’m just becoming picky.  Or the ones that were on sale were on such a great sale that the other sale prices just couldn’t measure up.

Regardless, in trying to save money for lunches, I first stripped off the Compleats.  Leftovers are cheaper (free).  And I’m hoping to have some fairly interesting leftovers.  Heck!  A hot dog is cheaper!  And since the corn on sale ends on Tuesday, and Josh is not off again until Saturday, I decided against the corn.  And Muffin likes cantaloupe more than peaches, so cantaloupe took the day over the peaches.  We are pretty good on pasta sauce (which we use for the dipper for the pizza grilled cheese), so scratch went the pasta sauce.  We are also still pretty good on the pork and boneless skinless chicken breasts so scratch and scratch again.

In other news, I pulled something in my back working on moving my classroom (actually working on unpacking it) Thursday, so here I sit typing away.  AngelKat had her reproductive organs removed, so she is uncharacteristically curled up next to me on the bed with her surgical cone collar on.  Daisy is under the bed because Muffin is running around “booing” (booming) at bad guys.  She doesn’t like the noises.

So, without further ado, here are the best of the best sales-wise this week, beginning with the local ones:


boneless pork half loin $1.77/pound

Jennie O ground turkey $1.99/pound

whole pineapple 99 cents each

Kroger orange juice, half gallon 99 cents each, limit 3 with $10 additional purchase

Sunbeam large white bread 99 cents limit 2 with $10 additional purchase

Olathe sweet corn 8/$2

yellow peaches 99 cents/pound

V8, V8 Fusion or Ocean Spray juice cocktail $1.48 wyb 5 items in the wyb 5 sale

Capri Sun 98 cents wyb 5


boneless skinless chicken breast $1.48/pound

Pepsi 2 L 88 cents wyb 6

Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce 99 cents wyb 6

Hormel Compleats $1.49 wyb 6

cantaloupe 99 cents (Friday-Monday)

Bar S meat franks, 16 ounce package, 99 cents each limit 4 (Friday-Monday)

Mrs. Baird’s 100% whole wheat bread $1.49 limit 2 (Friday-Monday)

No Frills

Royale bathroom tissue, 15 double rolls $3.97 (limit 6)

Nestea, Lipton iced tea, Dole, Five Alive, Fruitopia, or Minute Maid individual drinks (canned?), 12 pack $3.33

large cherries $1.88/pound

Cadbury or Hershey chocolate bars 67 cents

no name canned vegetables 57 cents

Coca Cola/Pepsi 2 L 97 cents

Christie crackers (Ritz) $1.67

English cucumbers 77 cents

hot house tomatoes 87 cents/pound

new crop white potatoes, 10 pound bag $2.97

PC whole white mushrooms $1.27

Neilson or Beatrice milk 4 L $3.97

bananas 57 cents/pound

Lantic granulated white sugar, 2 kg $1.97

Food Basics

cherries $1.88/pound

Pepsi/7 Up 6 pack 710 mL bottles $1.97

Selection soft drinks 2 L 77 cents

bartlett pears 98 cents/pound

clementines, 2 pound bag, $1.98

pineapple $1.98 each

Fresh Co.

green/read seedless grapes 97 cents/pound

Sealtest chocolate milk, 1 L carton 97 cents

Puritan beef stew, canned, 99 cents

Hunt’s Snack Pack pudding, 4 count, 99 cents

Del Monte canned fruit 99 cents

blueberries, one pint, $1.49

Ontario mini seedless cucumbers, 6 pack, $1.29


bulk sweet corn 10 ears/$1.99

Tostitos tortilla chips $1.99

radishes, bunch 2/$1.50

green onions, bunch 2/99 cents

Minute Maid, Five Alive, Fruitopia, or Nestea frozen concentrate 79 cents


large watermelon $3.99

HP sauce $3.99


Nestle Pure Life water, 24 pack $2.00

Five Alive or Fruitopia 1.75 L carton $1.00

Ziploc sandwich bags, 40 count 94 cents


Minute Maid frozen concentrates 4/$2.00

Also, and this is more of a freebie.  If you live near Chick-Fil-A and have the calendar card, remember this begins a new month:  a free large Coca-Cola soft drink.

How are the sales where you are at?


What do you think?

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