Cent Saving Saturday Part 1: Sales Leading Up to the Last Week of School

Cent Saving Saturday

I must dash to get some of these great bargains.  After I return, I will show pics of what I found last night…for rock-bottom prices at Toys R Us at their markdown clearance sale!

We begin with the Northwest Louisiana ads and go to the North Bay, Ontario ads:


Cantaloupe 88 cents each

Yellow peaches 99 cents/pound

Heritage Farm split chicken breasts 88 cents/pound

pSSt granulated sugar $1.49 (4 pound bag)

Fanta, Pepsi, or 7-Up 2 L 10/$10

Kroger sour cream or cream cheese 10/$10

Goldfish crackers 10/$10

Lay’s potato chips $2 wyb 2

Cottonelle 9 mega roll or 12 double roll or Viva paper towels $5 each wyb 2

Red, orange, or yellow bell peppers 99 cents each

Romaine or leaf lettuce 99 cents/head

Mini sweet peppers $1.99 (1 pound bag)

Big K 2 L soda, 12 pack cans 4/$9

Springdale milk or Kroger orange juice (gallon) $3.49

Kroger cheese (1 pound) 2/$7

Dreyer’s ice cream 2/$5

Del Monte fruit, canned 10/$10

Kroger tortilla chips 10/$10

Top Flight spiral notebook 19 cents each

Oxford index cards 49 cents/pkg

Elmer’s glue sticks, 6 pack $1.99

Office Works invisible tape 97 cents each

Office Works school glue 29 cents each


Eggs, large, dozen 99 cents (limit 2) Friday-Sunday

Large seedless watermelon $3.99 Friday-Sunday

Whole chicken 69 cents/pound, limit 3 with additional $10 purchase

Fanta, Barq’s, Minute Maid, Mt. Dew, or Schweppe’s 2 L soda 88 cents

Garland Jack’s BBQ sauce 2/88 cents wyb 2 limit 2

Calidad tortilla chips 88 cents

Bar S Franks 88 cents

Albertson’s hamburger and hot dog buns 88 cents

Honey or Virginia Deli Ham $4.99/pound

Fresh Express garden salads 98 cents

Large Roma tomatoes 98 cents/pound

Celery stems 98 cents

The following items are part of a buy 10, get it for the price sales (mix or match):

Ranch style beans 49 cents

Blue Bonnet margarine quarters 49 cents

Gebhardt’s refried beans 49 cents

Chef Boyardee canned pasta 79 cents

Hunt’s canned pasta sauce 79 cents

Super 1 Foods

Brookshire’s Blast soda, 12 pack cans $2

Cilantro 28 cents/bunch

Celery or green onions 78 cents

Hormel black forest ham $4.99/pound


Red or black plums 99 cents

Buy 2 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh lunch meats (1 pound package) and receive free Brookshire’s white bread, Kraft singles, Lunchables, Brookshire’s sandwich bags (30-50 count), and 10 count Kool-Aid Jammers or Capri Sun drinks

No Frills

Sweet Corn 4/$1

Pork side ribs $2/pound

Olivana olive oil 1 L $3

Lantic granulated sugar 4 kg $3

Laughing Cow cheese round $2

Farmer’s Market mini cucumbers, 6 pk $1

Strawberries 1 pound package $2

Pringles potato chips $1

Applesauce cups, 6 count package $1

Oasis premium orange juice 1.75 L $2

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter $1

Minute Maid, Fruitopia, Nestea, or Five Alive juice concentrates 2/$1

Duncan Hines cake or brownie mix $1

Whole seedless watermelon $3.97

Real Canadian 24 pack water $1.87

Fresh Basics

24 pack water $1.67

Strawberries, 1 pound package $1.67

Clementines, 2 pound bag $1.98

Field tomatoes 98 cents/pound

Fresh Co.

Cashmere bathroom tissue 18 double rolls $4.97 (limit 4)

Cherries $1.88/pound

Signal potato chips 97 cents

Coke/Pepsi 12 pack cans $3.33

Ontario tomatoes on the vine 79 cents/pound

Ontario seedless cucumber 79 cents each

Compliments white mushrooms 8 ounces $1.29

Iceberg lettuce, head 99 cents

Independent Grocer

Campbell’s condensed soup 50 cents each limit 12 (tomato, chicken noodle, cream of mushroom, vegetable)

Pineapple, extra large $1.99 each

Post cereal $1.99 (limit 8)


Filler paper, 150 count package 10 cents each (limit 10)

Avocados, 5 pack $3.47

Pineapple $1.97

Coconut 97 cents each

NuPak 8 kg parboiled long grain rice $6.97

Giant Tiger

Crush, Schweppe’s, Dr. Pepper 2 L $1

Market Value ground beef, 400-450 grams $2


Selection Butter 454 grams (1 pound) $2.88

Selection soft drinks 2 L 88 cents each


Oakrun English Muffins, 12 pack, $2

Lay’s Family Size Chips $2

Compliments dipping sauce $2

Signal iced tea or lemonade cartons, 1.75 L 2/$2




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