We Plan Wednesday: Taking Posts to an Audio/Video Level

We Plan Wednesday

I have been toying with the idea of amping up my posts lately, but the fru-ghee in me (I am not really fond of the term frugalista) won’t cough up the $18 for the Word Press upgrade, yet.  I recently made several videos taken during the Canada trip (Yah, the one I’ve only managed to make one post about…but it’s coming…I promise!) and wanted to share them from you.  I’ve seen the “Insert YouTube” button on the Add Media screen on Word Press, and I’ve watched YouTube vids…but I’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube.  And I’ve never embedded a YouTube video successfully in a post.  I have one of Muffin singing his fave Christmas carol that I recorded today and have uploaded and created a post around for Funny Muffin Friday, but I wanted to give a sneak peak of what’s in store…both from a video front and a Canada post front.




And, in the festive spirit, I bring you FIREWORKS!  (from the Canada Day festivities in Callendar, Ontario, on June 28)

What is your favorite type of video to view on YouTube?


What do you think?

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