Cent Saving Saturday: Week 1 of Louisiana and Ontario Ads

Cent Saving Saturday

If you live in certain parts of Ontario and Louisiana, this is your lucky day…or not.  I’ve culled the sales for the prices I would pay for the items I would buy.  These prices are good for the northwest Louisiana area (for Kroger, Albertson’s, Super 1 Foods, or County Market) and for the North Bay area in Ontario for the rest.

Cent Saving Saturday tip:  if you are sale-obsessed, check out the ads/fliers online.  I know, for example, that Kroger’s ad goes live a bit before Wednesday midnight each week.  Most are available slightly before the day before or even the day before.  I use the ads sometimes to cure the bit of insomnia that messes with my head on Tuesday evenings.  In fact, that is how I usually bring the deals to you.  By the way, this tip works for all sale papers, not just grocery stores.  Black Friday will be upon the world (at least in the lower 48) shortly (in a few months), and the ads go viral online FIRST!

(And for those who have issues going out on Thanksgiving for “Black Friday” shopping, unless you are buying the big electronics such as TVs, many of the Black Friday ad deals may be purchased online.  One year, before Josh and I were married, many items were purchased at Walmarts online store an hour or so before the deals started in the store for items that eventually filled my married kitchen and linen closet.)

But…enough of topics that are just going to serve to make people angry (although in our family Thanksgiving dinner is served earlier in the day and the women of the family go out to “gather” at the sales and the men watch the boys…with sometimes hilarious results…Muffin and my youngest nephew trying to escape out of windows when we call to check on them all…so that “Black Friday” shopping becomes a family bonding experience run with almost military/heist precision) , here come the ads.

(Although I must note that the Black Friday season of 2013 was derailed in our family by the Flu Epidemic of 2013.  At the end of the carnage…out of the nine of us…only Josh–who had to leave early to head back to work and has the immune system that I am in awe of–and my parents–who both had the flu shot–remained unscathed.  From now on, the flu shot is on all of our to do lists…in September.)

Now that I’ve made another group angry (I’ve particularly avoided discussing vaccination because of the condemnation issued by both sides of the “debate” and the vitriol expressed by both toward the other because I want to–try–to remain upbeat on here), let’s get on to the ads.


split chicken breasts (That means bone-in, skin-on) 99 cents/pound

blueberries, pint $1.50

gallon milk $3.49 (when you buy $10 worth of other items and limit three with orange juice and chocolate milk)

gallon orange juice (Kroger brand) $3.49 (see above)

eggs, large $1.25/dozen

Big K soda, 2 L buy 3, get one free (bringing the total to 67 cents/each)

sour cream, 16 ounce 10/$10


Hormel bacon, 16 ounce package $3.99 (Friday-Monday)

Pepsi 2 L 88 cents (From what I can see, there is no limit.)

Bottom round roast (Time to grind, make stew meat, and barbacoa/roast again) $1.99/pound (Again, there doesn’t appear to be a limit.  I should note that my sister who lives in the Baton Rouge area has mentioned to my mom that the $1.99 is only good for the weekend.)

Leg quarters 49 cents/pound sold in a 10 pound bag

Canned tomatoes, 28 ounce can 88 cents each

Nabisco Snack Saks 88 cents (limit 4)

Albertson’s Bread 88 cents (limit 2)

Hormel Completes $1.48

Celery 10/$10 each

Super 1 Foods

Boneless skinless chicken breasts, family pack $1.57/pound

County Market

Libbey’s canned vegetables 2/$1

Pork Loin $1.97/pound

Red Gold ketchup 68 cents (This is not as good as the 29 cents each I paid at Albertson’s last year, but it’s the best price I’ve seen this year.  We go through a lot of ketchup.)

Shawnee flour and cornmeal, 5 pounds $1.88

Bell pepper 2/$1

Cucumbers 2/$1

*My mom and I are going to shop and do lunch (and dessert) today with Muffin, and we are going to County Market to purchase pork loin.

And now…for the Canadian flyer specials:

No Frills

Coke or Pepsi 18 pack cans, 355 mL each (12 ounces) $4.77 (That’s $3.18 for 12 cans’ worth)

Whole seedless watermelon $2.97

Campbell’s condensed soups 2/$1

Irish Spring soap bars, 2 pack $0.97

Arizona lemon or green tea cans, 340 mL (24 pack) $4.97

V-8 vegetable juice, 1.89 L (64 oz.) $1.97

Strawberries, 1 pound package, $1.97

Clementines, 3 pound bag, $3.97

Roses, 1 dozen, $8.00

Lychees $2.47/pound (I recently found several recipes using lychees, and I can’t find them in the grocery stores here.  I’m going to have to try some of the ethnic grocery stores to find them—and will probably pay more than this per pound)

Bananas 57 cents/pound—Sadly, this is cheaper than our stores.

Mangoes, approximately 9 pound cases, $5.97

No Name bacon, 500 grams (a bit more than a pound) $3.97

Food Basics

Sweet Bicolor Corn 10/$2.88

Whole seedless watermelon $2.97

Coke/Pepsi, 24 pack cans $6.35

MIO, Crystal Light, or Kool-Aid liquid water enhancers 2/$5

Vachon Snack Cakes, multipack (Ah, Caramel, Jos. Louis, and others) $1.99

Bounty Paper Towels, single roll, 99 cents

Whole pineapple, $1.97

Green bell peppers 98 cents/pound

Roma tomatoes 98 cents/pound

Vidalia onions, 3 pound bag, 2/$5

Le Petit Charcutier pork picnic shoulder roasts $1.49/pound

Selection bacon, 500 grams $3.99

Oasis orange juice or juice blends (Muffin became fascinated by the orange-strawberry-banana when we were in Canada), 1.75 L (59 ounce) 1.99

Bananas 57 cents/pound

Beatrice/Sealtest milk bags (4 L…just over a gallon) $3.97

Sugar, 2 kg (just over 4 pounds) $1.97

Fresh Co.

Cherries $1.88/pound

Kraft (macaroni and cheese) Dinner, 12 pack $5.97

Rocchi Extra-Virgin olive oil, 1 L, $2.97

Compliments natural spring water, 24 pack (500 mL) bottles, $1.87

Signal potato chips 97 cents

Ontario seedless cucumbers 89 cents/each

Packham pears 99 cents/pound

5 pack garlic bulbs 33 cents/pkg (I would make a ton of roasted garlic or chicken with 40 cloves or something with this)

Red or green leaf lettuce 79 cents/each

Radishes, bunch 79 cents/each

Giant Tiger

Beatrice chocolate milk, 750 mL, 99 cents each, limit 4

Primo pasta, 1 pound, 68 cents

Giant Value mayonnaise, 890 mL $2

Giant Value cheese singles, 302 g $1

Giant Value burgers, 1 kg $5.00 (just over 2 pounds)

Rainbow peppers, 4 pack $1.97

Mini cucumbers, 6 pack $1.47

Tomatoes on the vine 99 cents/pound

Purina cat litter, 7kg (15.43 pounds) $5


Pork loin combination chops, bone-in $1.77

Romaine hearts, pkg. of 3, 2/$4

PC prepared mustard, 400 mL, $1.49

PC pickles, 500 mL $1.99

Whole wild pink salmon $2.99/pound

Green onions, bunch 3/$2

PC World of Flavors potato chips 3/$5 (Make sure you try the Poutine flavor!)

Knorr Sidekicks pasta/rice sides 99 cents

Minute Maid fruit punch frozen concentrates 79 cents

No Name French fries or frozen veg, large bag $1.99


Lean ground beef, value pack, ground fresh daily, $2.97/pound

What deals are you looking forward to this week?



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