Thoughtful Thursday: Corner Gas Season 2 (with Trivia!)

Thoughtful ThursdayIn honor of our trip to Oh, Canada, I figured that now would be a good time to post the Season 2 of Corner Gas highlights and trivia.  I am actually writing this post in advance of the trip because I want to be able to let you, my readers, have posts to read while I enjoy time with my family while we are up there (and come up with some awesome posts for my return to the U.S.).  I will be checking in from time to time, but, for the most part, I will not be adding any “live” posts this week.

Also, I’m going to tie this to one trivia question per episode and hopefully find a great quotable for each episode.  Answers to the trivia questions will be at the end of this post.

Episode 1:  The Brent Effect:  This episode, to me, can be seen as Emma versus Oscar, Brent versus Lacey, and Karen versus Davis.  Emma is angry with Oscar because he stole her money for her new mixer to buy a boat motor, and she retaliates (Or, as Oscar puts it, “You put holes in my boat; I’ll put holes in your bowls”).  Brent and Lacey aren’t exactly fighting, but Lacey believes Brent has more-than-a-friendship feelings for her (when the rest of the town thinks that Brent is out of her league).  Karen gets upset with Davis because she believes that he is not following police procedure about something.  Trivia:  What does Davis do that Karen is upset about?  Why does he do it?

Episode 2:  Wedding Card:  I love this episode!  When Brent asks Emma why he’s never seen any of Emma and Oscar’s wedding pictures, Emma tells him that they never got married.  This spurs Davis to create a wedding extravaganza (using up part of the police budget).  Brent and Hank get into an argument over who actually owns a rookie hockey card, leading to Karen and Wanda arguing about it as well.  Lacey joins the fray by helping Oscar learn to read (even though he already knows how).  Quotables:  Oscar:  “Cat-sup…Catttt-suppp…Catsup” Emma:  “It was an Elvis wedding.”  That quotable leads me to the trivia:  Why does Emma tell Brent that she and Oscar were never married (the real reason)?

Episode 3:  Smell of Freedom:  I relate to this one, having almost no sense of smell.  Davis regains his sense of smell, but soon realizes that he can smell too much.  Lacey, the self-proclaimed Scrabble champ, loses in a game to Hank, who she begins coaching to beat people tournament-style.  Brent realizes that he knows little about his fellow townies, so he starts brushing up on a bit of local history.  Quotables:  Lacey:  “Scrabble is kinda like Kerplunk.”  Brent:  “Hey Wes, what’d you fall out of the denim tree?”  Trivia:  Who does Davis become offended by smell-wise?

Episode 4:  Whataphobia:  At Lacey’s birthday celebration, everyone soon realizes Lacey’s deepest fear.  Brent and Hank then try to figure out Wanda’s deepest fear.  Davis, who shares Lacey’s fear, invites Lacey to a support group (but Lacey thinks that he’s asking her out on a date).  Meanwhile, Karen begins cooking, and Oscar takes credit.  Quotable:  Wanda (about Hank):  “I don’t know whether to smack him, or pat him on the head and tell him everything’s going to be alright.”  Trivia:  What is Lacey’s fear of?  What is it called?

Episode 5:  Lost and Found:  Brent and Hank are in a favor war (Hank needs some work done at his cousin’s farm, and is trying to ensure that Brent will owe him the favor of helping).  Brent tries to get Lacey’s help in the favor war, but she turns it to her advantage.  Oscar begins picking up trash (that he calls treasures) on the side of the road.  Karen is obsessed with her hacky sack and upset when it disappears.  Quotables:  Emma (to Oscar):  I asked you niiiiice.  Wanda:  Prepositions are fun!  Trivia:  What is the work that needs to be done on Hank’s cousin’s farm?

Episode 6:  Poor Brent:  Brent buys a huge television, but things conspire to make Hank think he’s broke.  Davis joins in, but soon discovers Brent’s secret (but keeps the secret and perpetuates the idea that Brent is broke because he thinks Brent will buy a better satellite package if he has more money).  Lacey buys jewelry from Wanda but soon discovers that Wanda overcharged her.  Oscar and Emma argue over putting the lid on the sugar bowl, leading Oscar to act like a bachelor.  Quotables:  Oscar:  “I’m always putting the lid on.”  Brent:  “How can I say no to a man who brought me…lentils.”  Trivia:  What Brent-charity measure devised by Hank and Davis makes Karen frustrated/angry?

Episode 7:  Hero Sandwich:  Wanda decides to get a tattoo, and Emma offers to create the artwork for it.  Lacey creates a new sandwich for the Ruby but becomes frustrated when it becomes a success.  Davis and Karen are forced to give tickets for jaywalking when Fitzy tries to raise money for a traffic light.  Quotables:  (There are so many in this episode)  Brent/Wanda:  “Plants…implants.”  Brent:  “You have a tattoo?  I’ve been raised by gypsies.”  Trivia:  How does Lacey finally get to get rid of the Ruby Club?

Episode 8:  Security Cam:  Brent decides to install a security camera at Corner Gas, but he gets a surprise when everyone wants to be movie stars–except Hank who wants the camera gone.  Hank does want to be tasered, however.  Meanwhile, Oscar and Emma try to go on a romantic getaway but are thwarted by the (lack of) quality of the establishment.  Quotables:  Emma:  “I need someone to look under my…hood.”  Brent: “This thing just paid for itself.”  Trivia:  What is the name of the place that Oscar and Emma try to stay at?

Episode 9:  Bingo Night:  Emma is the bingo champ of Dog River until the bingo caller who has a crush on her becomes injured while calling bingo and Wanda takes over.  Lacey becomes upset because Karen and others want to buy Brent’s “road cookies” instead of her fresh baked cookies.  When Karen gets suspended from the police force because of an over-the-counter medication and begins hanging out with Brent at Corner Gas, Hank becomes jealous.  Quotables:  Lacey:  “It’s oatmeal…the meal made of oats.”  and “You hear that?  That’s the sound of coffee going up a buck.”  Emma:  “Where’s my wrench?”  Trivia:  Who gets called in to fix the pipes at Oscar and Emma’s house?

Episode 10:  Mosquito Time:  It’s mosquito season in Dog River, and the only one who seems unaffected is Hank (so people use him as a walking mosquito repellent).  Meanwhile, Karen and Davis are gathering items for the time capsule, and Lacey is having difficulties deciding which item to add.  Lacey has everyone angry because of her new carafes.  Oscar returns to work at Corner Gas, and everyone is upset, confused, or frustrated by this.  Quotables:  Hank:  “Not a mug…that mug.”  Emma:  “Oh, really, Miss Yellow Waitress Pad.”  Trivia:  What does everyone thing is causing Hank’s immunity to mosquitoes?  What do they find out really is causing the immunity to mosquitoes?

Episode 11:  Hurry Hard:  It’s curling season in Dog River, and the Leroy rink is facing troubles.  Brent decides to break off and form his own rink with Wanda, and Lacey (after joining Emma and Oscar’s rink briefly) joins up with them.  Karen is given the responsibility to keep up with the Clavet Cup, but she loses it at the Ruby.  Quotables:  Emma:  “It makes a thucka-thucka sound.”  Lacey:  “Oh, have a heart.”  Trivia:  What happens to the Clavet Cup at the Ruby?

Episode 12:  An American in Saskatchewan:  Big excitement happens when an American shows up (by accident) in Dog River.  Then, Wes puts an ATM in the liquor store, leading to the formation of the “ATM People,” soon to be led by Emma.  Any detractors–Hank, Fitzy, Brent, or Davis–are sent to Hank’s house.  Karen tries to learn French, but not in a way that Lacey approves of.  Hank fails as goodwill ambassador for the American.  Quotables:  to “We’re just a group of people,” Emma adds, “that I’m the leader of.” Trivia:  Where was the American traveling to?

Episode 13:  Pandora’s Wine:  Hank wins the lottery (almost 500 dollars) when Emma buys him a ticket for taking out groceries. He tries to make everyone happy by buying them presents, but instead makes others angry at him. Lacey tries to join the Leroys for a meal, but keeps botching it by first bringing expensive wine and then giving Brent expensive marmalade.  The Leroys seek revenge.  Karen insists that Davis get new shoes, leading to him becoming an authoritarian cop.  Quotables:  Karen:  “New shoes, grumpy Davis.”  Brent:  “This is a revenge brunch.” Trivia:  What condiment do Oscar and Lacey consider to racy?

Episode 14:  Doc Small:  Lacey gets the job to convince a doctor to move to Dog River, and Davis tells her it might be a good idea to flirt with him.  Him turns into a her, and Lacey continues to bumble her mission.  Hank has to move out of his home, and Brent (and everyone else) try to get out of having him stay with him.  Brent has other problems when he receives a “possibly counterfeit” one-hundred dollar bill that ends up being a blessing.  Quotables:  Karen:  “She’s a hick…a real hayseed.”  Trivia:  What is Karen’s nickname for Lacey?

Episode 15:  Rock On!  Brent, Hank, and Wanda resurrect their old band from high school, much to the amusement of others.  Davis tries out for drummer, but because angry and vengeful when Karen is chosen instead.  With Emma interfering, Lacey manages to find out why the town is named Dog River.  Davis and Oscar team up to go after a famous country-and-western singer for “stealing Oscar’s song.”  Quotables: one phrase–“Nanaimo-style Saskatchewan bars!”  Trivia:  What is the name of Brent, Hank, and Wanda’s band?

Episode 16:  Air Show:  The air show is coming to Dog River, and everyone supports it (except Lacey).  When she’s viewed as not being civic-minded as a result, she overreacts trying to make the town like her again.  Meanwhile, Brent has to close corner gas because of a health hazard, and Hank opens a corn stand with an extra employee…Wanda.  Davis and Karen get in on the action slowly because Davis has decided that they need to be on bike patrol, and Karen doesn’t know how to ride a bike.  Quotables:  Hank:  “Kirk Berkley’s Turkey Jerky?!”  Brent:  “I understand.  The jerky man must be paid.”  Trivia:  How does Lacey convince the Snow Birds to make a fly over Dog River?

Episode 17:  Slow Pitch:  It’s time for the slow pitch game of Brent’s team versus Wes’s team.  The stakes are beer and nachos.  Lacey’s perfect attendance is at stake if the meeting being held in the Ruby runs over.  Wanda decides to try to stay sober during the game.  Davis and Karen are in trouble with Fitzy’s grandma (although she doesn’t know it) because their ball breaks her window.  The vaunted secret weapon, Emma, can’t seem to bat the ball.  But Hank’s glove saves the day.  Quotables:  Hank:  “It’s not the glove; don’t praise the glove!”  Karen:  “Right.  Sober.”  Brent (to Lacey):  “Think of your perfect attendance.”  Hank:  “I can already taste Wes eating those nachos.”  Trivia:  What club is meeting at the Ruby?  

Episode 18:  Harvest Dance:  Hank has a date to the Harvest Dance, but she comes from Wullerton (so he feels the need to break up with her).  Wanda is miffed because people think she’s abrasive.  Lacey feels left out because she didn’t know about the Harvest Dance, so Brent shares a secret with her (but Lacey blabs that secret…and every other secret she’s told during the episode).  Karen tries to convince Davis to give her a raise, and Brent and Oscar take turns trying to avoid Emma’s jelly salad.  Quotables:  Heather (Hank’s date):  “I don’t know what you people have against Gimli.”  Trivia:  What excuse does Brent give (that Lacey almost flubs) for not eating the jelly salad?

Trivia answers:

  1.  shoots his gun “willy nilly” at the crows at Lunsten’s farm

  2.  they dressed up as Elvis in the wedding pictures

  3.  Karen

  4.  balloons…globophobia

  5.  fencing

  6.  curse jar (because she has to put money in it…even when others curse)

  7.  she offers a dollar for every Ruby Club purchased to pay for the traffic light

  8.  Whistling Brook

  9.  Brent

  10.  Lemon dish soap (but it’s really his hat)

  11.  Josh uses it for storing bacon grease

  12.  Deer Lake

  13.  salsa

  14.  Big City

  15.  Thunderface

  16.  a little kid is dying

  17.  Harvester’s Club

  18.  that he is on a diet that Lacey put him on

What is your favorite episode from Season 2?


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