Canada Versus the American South: Rolling Versus TPing

Last night, Josh and I watched Duck Dynasty after Muffin and Daisy went to bed.  (Yes, Daisy sleeps with her boy.)  In the episode, several of the stars went and rolled another family members house.  After laughing at the antics (almost howling with laughter), Josh said, “They’re saying it wrong.  It’s TP-ing.”

I thought he was joking.  “It’s rolling,” I responded, chuckling.  Me who has never rolled a house…ever.

Josh shook his head, pretty vehemently.  “It’s TP-ing.” (pronounced tee-pee-ing for us Southern types)

At this point, I’m doing the one-eyed squint with my head cocked to the side in disbelief.  “Rolling.”


“No…it’s rolling.”

Yes.  This (slightly juvenile) conversation went on longer than necessary.

But seriously?  It is rolling, right?

I mean I know Z (zee) is pronounced zed and that restrooms are washrooms.

But it’s rolling.

So, that leaves me with the need to make a poll.  Please take the opportunity to respond to the poll and comment on your choice between the two below.  This is for the sake of matrimonial harmony, y’all (plus it lets me know that I’m right).  🙂


What do you think?

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