We Plan Wednesday: Canada Trip 2 (I Count 3) Days and Counting

We Plan Wednesday

First, I would like to say, Happy 200th Post!  It has been a rush.  And a pleasure.  And there is still more to come.  I have scheduled a slew of posts for the time I will be in Canada and beyond.  Next Monday’s Meal Plan Monday will have a slate of tried-and-true slow cooker recipes.  Two festive subway art printables are forthcoming (one to honor Canada Day and one to honor the Fourth of July).  And then, on July 1, Full Happy Muffin and Mama:  The Blog kicks off a twelve-day Twelve Days of Christmas in July Extravaganza.  You do not want to miss the excitement!  And the daily gifts (printables/recipes/tags/ornaments).  I’ve been a busy little elf trying to prep the goodies for you to enjoy.

All of that was only part of my planning for the trip.

Once Josh gets off work on Friday, we will be heading north and then east.  I don’t know how far we will get for sure, but we wanted to make a strong start to allow for two lighter days of travel.  (Otherwise Saturday would be a nightmare because we hope to reach northern Ohio before stopping)

I have snacks gathered (not necessarily the most healthful…but  I plan to cut up some fruit and veg for travel), beverages, items for my in-laws, and stuff to keep Muffin entertained on the trip without (ohpleasepleaseplease) the dreaded Minecraft.  I have him a binder of pre-K printable learning packs (plus a few printable memory games that I laminated, a game of dominoes–ditto, cutting activities for him to practice with) that include a summer theme, Polar Express-themed pages, Fourth of July pages, superhero pages, and (ugh!) Minecraft pages.  I also have little gifts for him to open along the way.

We’ve packed a hotel bag and a when-we-get-there bag.

Still to do?  I need to pack my mother-in-law’s Christmas present that we decided to get for her now because shipping it would be ridiculous.  And, after several across the border shipping mishaps, I don’t look forward to having it arrive broken.  Or destroyed.

Also, we need to pack the car (duh).  That will be a Thursday evening/Friday morning thing.  Pack the cooler.  Pack the toiletries.  Gather all electronics and chargers.  Clean blankets and pillowcases that we are taking for travel.  Take a nap on Friday–both Muffin and me.  Josh will be driving the first leg on Friday, but I hope to pick up the last leg.  Which means I have to be well-rested.  The one hour of sleep that is not even close to sustaining me presently will not cut it for Friday night’s driving.

After Josh’s hospital stay a couple of years ago, we both swore off energy drinks.  I cringe when I see them advertised, I cringe when I see them in stores, and I want to rip them out of people’s (and children’s!) hands when I see them drinking them.  When Josh glances wistfully at them, I remind him of “shots in the stomach.”  They might not have been the sole cause of his a-fib…but they certainly didn’t alleviate or ameliorate the condition.

We still have portions of the house to clean (ha!), but we are (slowly) getting that done.  My goal of the house being spotless by the time we left in order to prepare for the Fourth of July bash…well…that’s probably not going to happen quite as planned.

Now, where was I?  Oh, yes.  If possible, a cleaning out of the fridge would be nice. (The sarcastic part of me is now rolling on the floor alternately howling and cackling.)

And enjoying the trip.  That’s the kicker.  As it stands right now, next year we will probably summer at home with my in-law’s coming to visit us.  (We are already–sorta–planning things to do and see, a year in advance.)

I know there is a ton that I’m forgetting, but I hope that I don’t forget anything for the trip.

How are your summer vacay plans going?


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