Meal Plan Monday: The Dish I’m Most Excited About This Week

Meal Plan Monday

This week is a busy week for us!  We leave Friday after Josh gets off for Canada to visit my in-laws.  All of us are really excited, especially Muffin!  He’s asked us several times in the last few days when we are going, if we are going today, etc.

This week the recipe that I’m most excited about is a conversion of Pioneer Woman’s Comfort (BBQ) Meatballs.  I loved this recipe the first time around, when it jumped its place in line one weekend (over the Chick-Fil-A nuggets), so I can hardly wait!  Since I was able to successfully convert the Pizza Meatballs from the Pizza Meatball Subs to the slow cooker, I’m going to try the same thing with the Pioneer Woman’s meatballs.

I originally planned it for today, but I forget to get the meat out  (oopsie!), so I am shoving it to tomorrow.

But here’s what I have going this week!

Monday:  Chef Salad with Honey Mustard from Life in the Lofthouse

Tuesday:  Pioneer Woman BBQ Comfort Meatballs in the Slow Cooker originally from Pioneer Woman

Wednesday:  Crock Pot Orange Chicken from Sweet Tea in Texas

Thursday:  Slow Cooker Pesto Ranch Chicken from Six Sisters’ Stuff

Friday:  undecided (but probably on the road or Josh brings home or sandwiches on the road)

Saturday:  dinner on the road at Pizzazio’s (I can’t decide what to get!)

Sunday:  dinner in Canada!

Next week’s Meal Plan Monday will be on auto-pilot, as we will be having a ton of fun in Canada!  I am going to be revisiting some of our biggest slow cooker hits.  Enjoy!

What do you think I should order at Pizzazio’s?

As usual, I plan to link up to OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

What do you think?

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