Cent Saving Saturday: Stay at Home

Cent Saving Saturday

Yes, I know, this one is kinda obvious.  If you stay at home (when you can…I’m not advocating skipping work or that doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off) during your off days, you don’t use gas (saving you a ton right there), you don’t stop in at a fast food window for a bite (and have buyer’s remorse from that $8 meal at Taco Bell), and you don’t stop at the store for one item and watch the 35 items you decided you needed in the meantime race over the scanner to price out at over $100 (yikes!).  Not that I’ve ever done any of those things.  Nah. (Whistling innocently here)

A…ny…way…staying at home also gives you time to get those pesky chores that you’ve been putting off done, such as folding the laundry, cleaning up the clutter that builds up from two adults (plus a four-year-old, a dog, and a cat), and cooking meals at home (although, I confess, yesterday was so NOT a good day because of sleep deprivation, so I had Josh pick up pizzas at Caesar’s instead of me using heavy machinery to make pizza grilled cheese outside).  And if you don’t heat up the kitchen?  Win win!

In case you don’t notice, Muffin and I have been staying at home most of the summer (so far), trying to get ready for the upcoming trip (Ha!  Six days and counting, and we are still not ready), resting, having fun, snuggling (the most important part of the summertime activities), cooking, reading books about trains, and playing with Daisy (Daisy has also mentally started the countdown until when we leave again…because her “boy” wears her out).  That doesn’t cost any money (well…other than the cost of food…but that would have occurred or been higher had we gone out all weekend).

I’ve even become a bit of a recluse.  It happens.  I tend to be a shy person; I’m not the life of the party unless I know people really, really well.  Sometimes, it takes years for that to happen.  Unless you give me a microphone, and then all bets are off.  But that’s another story…and another psychosis.

I’ve actually already made the shopping run for this week to Kroger.  I may send Josh to Albertson’s for a few items (and already did for the Niagara water), but I figure I won’t go out for that.

Here’s what’s on sale this week:


English cucumbers 99 cents

Pineapple $1.88

white onions 78 cents/pound

red seedless grapes 97 cents/pound

Dreyer’s ice cream $2.49 wyb 5

Eggo waffles $1.38 wyb 5

Kraft cheese $1.99 wyb 5 (6-8 ounces)

lettuce–Romaine/iceberg/leaf 99 cents each (I plan on purchasing this Monday or Tuesday)

Coke/Pepsi/7-Up 2 L bottles $1 wyb 6+

Rice Krispie Treats $1.69 wyb 5


Niagara drinking water 24 pack 4/$8.88 (That comes out to less than 10 cents a bottle!)

Planter’s Cashews $3.99 wyb 5 (Cashew chicken here I come!  Also, I recently found a recipe for chicken salad that calls for cashews.)

Planter’s Dry Roasted Peanuts 1.99 wyb 5 (I need these for the pie I’m planning to make for the Fourth of July.)

I almost decided against planning to make that pie because last night on Pinterest I repinned a recipe for (wait for it and drumroll please!) slow…cooker…pecan…pie.  Oh, yes, someone went there.  And now that’s my newest recipe obsession.  And it will be…until I make it.  I have to do a dry run before Thanksgiving.  I hafta.

In later news, we have recently decided that Angel is not being obstinate about using the litter box and pooping on the carpet several feet from her box.  I became suspicious when I realized that several of the…err…pieces of incriminating evidence…have appeared on the carpet covered in kitty litter.  We know Daisy is the culprit, but we are in disagreement as to why.

You see…Daisy is (more than) a little bit of a drama queen (she loves her reality shows and drama).  My theory is that she knows that poop appearing on the carpet makes us upset with Angel, so she’s trying to get Angel in trouble so that she stays the “favorite.”  Josh has a less appetizing (to us) theory in mind.  And I will just leave it at that.


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