Cent Saving Saturday: Reuse Expensive or Rarely Used Ingredients to Change Up Recipes

Cent Saving Saturday

Yesterday I made a successful slow cooker meal, Pizza Meatball Subs, and I was very happy that it turned out.  But I was sad in a way, as well, because one ingredient I rarely use for anything else, and the other was kind of cost prohibitive for what it was (and I’ve never used it before).

I’m speaking about the Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette dressing and the oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, respectively.  After the severe sticker shock of the sun-dried tomatoes, I’ve decided to either make my own when I actually want to use my oven again or to purchase sun-dried tomatoes (not oil-packed), pack them in oil, and store them in my fridge.

As for the vinaigrette, yes, I could use it on a salad.  But, when I was making today’s supper, the Pizza Pasta Salad, I realized that I did not have oil-based Italian salad dressing.  Guess what got added to the mix instead?  You got it!  The sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.

The recipe also called for green olives, which are somewhere in the garage.  I had some black olives left over from topping the meatball subs last night, so I used those instead.  Ditto with the leftover bell pepper.

I did this because I hate wasting food.  Sometimes, I look in the back corners of my fridge, and I see ingredients that I meant to use up, but didn’t…and it makes me angry with myself.  I challenge myself to use up these rarely used ingredients before they go bad or disappear to the depths of the fridge.

Onto the sales for the week.  I actually shopped on Thursday morning while the boys were mowing the lawn.  (Josh was off Wednesday-Thursday this week)


Roma tomatoes 78 cents/pound

Mission flour tortillas 10/$10

cilantro 3 bunches for 99 cents

white onions 78 cents/pound

pint blueberries 2/$4

broccoli crowns 99 cents/lb.

grape tomatoes 99 cents for a 10 ounce box (I may have bought several of these)

Juicy Juice juice $1.49 wyb 5

Crest Pro-Health toothpaste $1.99 wyb 5 (both the 6 ounce and the 4.2 ounce were this price)

Kraft mayo $2.49 wyb 5

hamburger buns 10/$10

canning jars $9.79/dozen


Bottom Round Roast $1.99/pound…limit 2 with $20 additional purchase

Homel pork tenderloin tips 1.99/pound

Wonder Bread 99 cents wyb 6

cataloupe $1.19 each

Hawaiian Punch $1.88 wyb 6

Pringles 99 cents each limit 4

Land O’Frost Ham, 1 pound package, $3.49

What deals did you find this week?  How do you ensure that ingredients are used up before they go bad?


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