Free Printable (By Me!): Summer Subway Art

It looks better than this printed, but I had to have an image to go on Pinterest.

Good morning, all!  I have just made (literally, if it were printed in a newsroom, it would literally hot off of the presses) my first free printable to share with all those people who, like me, adore printables. This file is full-color, in PDF format, and found on my Google Docs.  Be sure to click the “printable” button below if you want to download it.  I hope to work on more printables as the summer progresses (including Christmas gift tags–my absolute fave!).  Let me know what you think by dropping me a line below.  I hope you enjoy. By the way, I could not have made this subway art without the wonderful fonts by Kevin and Amanda.  Their fonts are awesome, and you can even have your handwriting converted to a font by them (something that I hope to do this summer).

Printables By Muffin's Mama


I linked up here.I get the cutest fonts from Free Scrapbook Fonts! hope you enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Free Printable (By Me!): Summer Subway Art

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