Meal Plan Monday: Mom’s Hamburger Vegetable Soup

Meal Plan Monday

This week, I am making a recipe of my mom’s that I haven’t made in a while…her hamburger vegetable soup.  It isn’t really a recipe, per se, it’s toss in a pound of ground beef and any canned and fresh vegetables that you have plus some broth or water and canned tomatoes plus some salt and pepper and cook it until done.  We usually serve it topped with chili powder and with cheese and crackers.  This weekend, I will be serving it first with grilled cheese on Saturday and then with a salad (or maybe cheese and crackers if I’m feeling lazy).

There’s another soup recipe in our family, one that I’ve been trying to perfect for nearly five years, that of my grandmother, my mom’s mom.  Hers was pretty much the same, except she used cut up bits of beef roast boiled to make the broth and soup base and with lots of veg added, including potatoes that cooked down until they were very very soft.  She would make it with the veg on hand, and I loved it best when she put in okra because I liked to chomp on the seeds that shook themselves loose from the pods in the soup…kind of like diving for pearls.  I know; I’m weird like that.

But since I can’t help but grind all roasts I buy now…it’s hamburger soup at Casa LFam.  I know it’s getting a bit warm for soup, but I think it will feel good in the tummy (plus it’s definitely Muffin Approved).

Here’s the plan:

*Thursday we plan to take full advantage of 50-cent corn dogs at Sonic.  Ironically, National End of School Day coincides with our last day of school.  Josh and Muffin are picking me up (so that Josh can prep my classroom ‘puters for summer), and we will probably catch Sonic on the way home.

Monday:  Mexican Monday (tacos)–also, I’m going to have 7-layer dip that I picked up on clearance at Kroger for lunch with chips…yum!

Tuesday:  pancakes and sausage (or bacon…or fried ham)

Wednesday:  Josh is grilling ribs that I found at Albertson’s for 1.69/lb.

Thursday:  corn dogs, etc. at Sonic

Friday:  First day of summer vacay!  pizza

Saturday:  hamburger veg soup with grilled cheese

Sunday:  leftover hamburger veg soup and salad (or cheese and crackers…this will be what Muffin has!)

As usual, I will be linking up with OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday!

What’s on your plan for this week?


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