Cent-Saving Saturday: What We’re Buying for the Last Week of School

Cent Saving Saturday

This week coming up is the last week of school!

Just as with this past week, this last four days will be a flurry of activity.  I do want to cook more this week, but just as in previous weeks, I plan to do a lot of my cooking and prepping for the week this weekend (rather than open can, heat, and call it done).  With that in mind, I’m looking more for scratch ingredients.

Here we go!


Tomatoes on the Vine 68 cents/lb.

Texas 1015 onions 68 cents/lb

Ambrosia, Cameo, Pacific Rose apples 99 cents/lb

Bar-S/Jennie-O Franks 99 cents

Hawaiian Punch 1.77

Dr. Pepper/7-Up 2L 88 cents wyb 4 (limit 4)

Yoplait 6 oz. 20/$10


Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, 99 cents with in-aid coupon, limit 2

Hershey’s, Mars, Nestle, Wonka candy, 3/99 cents with in-ad coupon, limit 6

Quaker Sale, Buy 5, Save $3 (see below for pricing)

Cap’n Crunch/Life Cereal (Small Box) 1.77

Oatmeal (Cylinders) 88 cents (18 oz)

Ice Cream Social ($2.49 each wyb 4)

Dreyer’s Ice Cream 48 oz.

Nestle’s Push-Up (9 count)

Outshine Fruit Bars (6-12 count)

Cucumbers 2/$1

Large Eggs 1.48

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 1.99/lb


Brookshire’s Orange Juice, Half-Gallon 5/$10

Bel-Vita Breakfast Biscuits 2/$5

Celery 99 cents

Also, Muffin has become classically conditioned to the the ringing notes of the ice cream truck, so I hope if we front-load a few treats into the freezer, he won’t miss it as much.  Even the cheapest item on the truck costs $1.  (So a box of push-ups, in equivalent terms, would cost $9! on the ice cream truck)

What’s on your shopping list this week?


What do you think?

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