Recipe Remix: 2-Minute SAVORY Frenchy Toasty Bread Pudding in a Mug

After the success with 2-Minute Frenchy Toasty Bread Pudding in a Mug, I realized that I should try a savory variety.  It happened yesterday morning.  I had made a sweet version with maple syrup and dried cranberries that was a bit too sweet.  I decided, since we were having brinner for supper last night, that I would make a savory version from some of the leftovers and ingredients that we were getting out anyway.

So, I scoured my Mother’s Day special magazines, and kind of combined some of the breakfast casseroles.

Into this lusciousness:

2-Minute Savory Frenchy Toasty Bread Pudding in a Mug

1 egg, beaten

3 tablespoons milk

1 teaspoon mustard (your favorite variety–I used honey mustard, but I want to try Dijon the next time)

1/4 cup deli ham, shredded into thin ribbons or diced

1/4 cup cheese (grated or minced)–I minced up some sharp cheddar

1/4 cup veg, cooked (I didn’t use any, but I look forward to some sauteed onions and peppers next time)

1 teaspoon melted butter

1-2 teaspoons (total) dried herbs–I used chives and parsley (A tablespoon or so of fresh herbs would make it even better!)

cubed bread (torn by hand) (I used four slices of large sandwich bread), preferably “day old” or stale

salt and pepper, to taste (I used seasoned salt and freshly ground the black pepper)

1 teaspoon butter, melted

few splashes Tabasco

I fried my ham in a bit of leftover bacon grease for a few seconds–well, Josh did.

And shredded it to ribbons (think:  basil chiffonade)

And minced the cheese…and I do mean minced (the grater was in the dishwasher getting washed):

1.  In a small bowl, whisk mustard, egg, salt, pepper, herbs, and Tabasco until combined.  Add milk and whisk until fully combined.

2.  Toss with bread cubes in a separate bowl until all is eggy and herby.  (If those aren’t words, they should be)

3.  Use a pastry brush to grease the inside of a tall coffee cup with butter.

4.  Pack about 1/4 of mixture in the mug.  Sprinkle ham, cheese, and veg (if using) over the mixture (roughly 1/3 of “extras”).  Do not completely cover the bread layer.  Pack another fourth of the eggy bread in the mug.  Sprinkle with extras.  Repeat.

Pack the final layer in the mug, mounding the bread cubes a bit.  Sprinkle with remaining extras (I had a bit of cheese left).

(I covered mine with foil and refrigerated overnight)

5.  Cooking instructions (whether cooking immediately or from refrigerated):  Cook on HIGH in the microwave for two minutes.  Serve with ketchup, salsa, or au naturel (or however you want–It’s yummers!).

This actually makes two huge servings.  This recipe is actually Daisy…

and Muffin Approved!

Muffin Approved

The beauty of this recipe is how adaptable it is (as I listed the variations before).  Bacon, cream cheese, a variety of cheeses, veggies, meats, nuts, and other yumminess!  Different herbs, fresh herbs, spices…so much fun!

What would you choose?


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